Musa Okwonga: Life without Facebook

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"I have a lot of followers but I have no idea where I'm leading them," says poet and musician Musa Okwonga as he explores the downside of living a life on Twitter and Facebook.

He describes his recent, but powerful, addiction to Tweeting and checking his Facebook page, explaining how a painful break-up with his girlfriend led him to reassess this dependence.

"I clicked on a button and changed my relationship status from 'in a relationship' to 'single'," he says. "Thing is, I never even wanted to list that I was in a relationship in the first place."

He is inspired anew by the words of an Egyptian revolutionary whose uprising was achieved on the streets - not in cyberspace. As Musa says: "While we retweet, they don't retreat."

His solution is to get away from his computer and out into the real world, listening to his favourite soul-sustaining music.

Producer: Sheila Cook.

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