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Liam’s upset to discover that Eddie’s seeing Carol, but is appeased when Eddie reassures him he enjoys being mates with him. Ronnie sympathises with Michael’s difficult relationship with Eddie, but suggests he reconsider; is Eddie really as bad as Michael thinks? Eddie warns Michael that his relationship with Tommy will soon resemble their own; they’re both guilty of neglecting their sons. Michael’s furious at this comparison, claiming he’s nothing like his father and accusing Eddie of killing his mother with neglect. Eddie reminds Michael that he was younger than Michael is now when Michael’s mother died. Eager to make amends, Eddie wants to meet Michael at the café later. Michael relents and waits for him, but Eddie’s distracted by the arrival of his other son Tyler and fails to show up. Later in the Vic, Eddie guiltily apologizes; Michael tells Eddie he’s blown it.

A young man pulls up outside the Vic driving Eddie’s Jag, and immediately attempts to flirt with Jodie. It’s Eddie’s son; Tyler Moon.

Ian and Carol are horrified to discover Shirley owns the café. Attempting to sabotage Rainie, Shirley spikes her drink but then changes her mind and spills it. Jay’s surprised when Shirley offers Rainie a job at the cafe but Shirley’s quietly confident; plotting something.

Tamwar and Afia ban their families from attending the official wedding ceremony at the registry office. Despite their insistence of no fuss, they’re grateful when Christian and Syed arrive to bear witness to their marriage.

Billy wants Julie to treat herself at the Salon. Julie lies, telling him it’s fully booked. Billy accuses Tanya of discrimination, only to learn Julie never went in. To Billy’s amusement, Julie’s defensive; she’s not into ‘girly’ stuff and isn’t changing for him.


Eddie Moon
David Essex
Michael Moon
Steve John Shepherd
Tyler Moon
Tony Discipline
Afia Masood
Meryl Fernandes
Tamwar Masood
Himesh Patel
Syed Masood
Marc Elliott
Christian Clarke
John Partridge
Zainab Masood
Nina Wadia
Dr Yusef Khan
Ace Bhatti
Masood Ahmed
Nitin Ganatra
Shirley Carter
Linda Henry
Phil Mitchell
Steve McFadden
Rainie Cross
Tanya Franks
Jay Mitchell
Jamie Borthwick
Executive Producer
Bryan Kirkwood
Jerry Smith
Lauren Klee
Ian Beale
Adam Woodyatt
Carol Jackson
Lindsey Coulson
Liam Butcher
James Forde
Billy Mitchell
Perry Fenwick
Julie Perkins
Cathy Murphy
Ronnie Branning
Samantha Womack
Tanya Jessop
Jo Joyner
Jodie Gold
Kylie Babbington


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Nasty Nick Cotton is on his way back to Walford!

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