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Duration: 30 minutes

Zainab, Masood and Yusef are stunned by Tamwar’s revelation. When Yusef blames Masood for Tamwar’s deceit, Syed defends him; Masood’s still his father. Anxious of people’s reaction, Zainab insists they carry on with the celebrations. Yusef’s furious at the disrespect Tamwar and Afia have shown. Unable to bear the guilt, Tamwar announces to the guests that he and Afia are already married; he won’t lie anymore. To save face, Yusef accepts the marriage. On the square, a late mehndi guest arrives, searching for Yusef. Tamwar and Masood reconcile when Tamwar apologizes for banning him from the mehndi, and Masood accepts the marriage. Zainab’s convinced she’s brought their misfortunes on herself for cheating on Yusef. Yusef comforts her, confessing he’s tried to fight his feelings; Masood stole her away from him, but their time together is now. Shameem overhears. Disgusted, she announces publically that Yusef and Zainab are lovers. Masood punches Yusef. Zainab flees. Denise confronts Yusef but he ignores her, following Zainab. Zainab’s distraught at what people will think, Yusef tells her he couldn’t save her from the fire, but swears he’ll save her now. Devastated Denise trashes the debris from the mehndi preparations; she thought she and Yusef had a future. Afia and Tamwar are shocked to discover a £5,000 cheque as a wedding present from Yusef. The late guest, Yusef’s cousin Tariq, finds Yusef. He’s disgusted that Afia’s married into the Masoods after the shame they’ve caused his family. Curious, Tariq wonders how Zainab has forgiven Yusef for trying to kill her in the fire. Yusef insists Tariq leave; Zainab doesn’t know he was there that day.

Hurt that Phil’s lied about sponsoring Rainie, Shirley doesn’t feel she can trust him anymore.


Dr Yusef Khan
Ace Bhatti
Antony Bunsee
Zainab Masood
Nina Wadia
Masood Ahmed
Nitin Ganatra
Tamwar Masood
Himesh Patel
Afia Masood
Meryl Fernandes
Syed Masood
Marc Elliott
Executive Producer
Bryan Kirkwood
Jerry Smith
Daran Little
Christian Clarke
John Partridge
Denise Fox
Diane Parish
Kim Fox
Tameka Empson
Darren Miller
Charlie G Hawkins
Jodie Gold
Kylie Babbington
Arthur 'Fat Boy' Chubb
Ricky Norwood
Mercy Chubb
Bunmi Mojekwu
Lauren Branning
Jacqueline Jossa
Phil Mitchell
Steve McFadden
Shirley Carter
Linda Henry
Tanya Jessop
Jo Joyner
Seeta Indrani
Zulekha Abbasi
Lisa Shah


Sharon packs it in?

Sharon and Linda

Is the news that Phil was behind the attack on her the last straw for Sharon?

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