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In a special episode of Inside The Human Body, all the family can join Michael Mosley as he takes us on a fantastic voyage through the wonders of the human body. Using state-of-the-art graphics, based on real images and scientific research, he reveals the ingenious inner workings of your body, starting with the extraordinary story of how a sperm and egg fuse to create life.

We also discover how Moken sea Gypsy children train themselves to see clearly underwater, meet a bull jumper whose muscles give him the strength to avoid a violent death and a woman who has given birth to 16 children.

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  • Video: The man who can hold his breath for nine minutes

    Video: The man who can hold his breath for nine minutes

    Herbert Nitsch is a world-champion at free-diving and can hold his breath for a whopping nine minutes.

    Watch the freediving video
  • Video: How Mokens see clearly underwater

    Video: How Mokens see clearly underwater

    Moken sea gypsies in Thailand have an extraordinary ability to overrule an automatic reflex of the eye which allows them to see with amazing clarity under water. But recent studies show that any child can learn this trick.

    Watch the Moken video
  • Video: Bull Jumping

    Video: Bull Jumping

    Fast twitch muscles allow this bull jumper to escape from a gruesome goring by contracting four times faster than slow twitch muscles.

    Watch the bull jumping video
  • Video: The Ice Man takes a cold dip

    Video: The Ice Man takes a cold dip

    Wim, the Ice Man, can swim in a glacial lake so cold that it would kill a normal person. But he believes, with the right training, you could do this too.

    Watch the video of the Ice Man
  • Video: Slow motion sneezes spread diseases

    Video: Slow motion sneezes spread diseases

    Viruses have found a clever way to use our own defence mechanism, sneezing, against us.

    Watch the sneezing video


Michael Mosley
Executive Producer
Andrew Cohen


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