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A family comedy set in Manchester. Will Mellor and Niky Wardley play parents who are young and vibrant, as much in love with life as they are with each other and their kids.

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6/6 Liam, fed up with Uncle Tommy sleeping on the front room couch, decides to take action.

Mon 18 Jul 2011 23:35 BBC One Northern Ireland, Wales only

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  • Filming In With The Flynns

    Filming In With The Flynns

    This week on the Comedy Blog, Executive Producer Jamie Glazebrook reveals the challenges of filming on a four-walled set complete with a live audience.

    "We took the decision to make our set the same size that it would be in real life - much smaller than most studio comedy sets - and we built the entire layout, so you could walk from room to room."

    Read the blog
  • Jim Signs Mikey Up For Football

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    Mikey needs to choose an after-school club. He wants to do dance class – but grandad Jim has other plans for him.

    Watch - Mikey's Football Practice
  • Introducing The Flynn Family

    Introducing The Flynn Family

    Will Mellor and Niky Wardley play Liam and Caroline Flynn, Mancunians in their early thirties who are raising their three children and holding down jobs.

    It's tough – and even tougher because they're still growing up themselves.

    They've got a rebellious teenage daughter, Chloe, and two younger sons; Mikey and Steve.

    Liam and Caroline find that parenting is a minefield of dilemmas and blunders – but help is at hand, albeit in the form of Liam's wayward brother Tommy, and their grouchy dad Jim.

    Both are on hand to offer advice which often ends in disaster.

  • Will Mellor on In With The Flynns

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    Will Mellor introduces his new family comedy, In With The Flynns.

  • LIAM (Will Mellor) and CAROLINE (Niky Wardley)

    LIAM (Will Mellor) and CAROLINE (Niky Wardley)

    He'd like to think of himself as the Best Dad Ever™, but Liam’s the guy most likely to speak before he thinks, to misinterpret, and to let his vanity get the better of him. On the upside, he adores his kids, he’s still madly in love with Caroline, and he’s not afraid to tell her.

    Problems come at Caroline from every direction - her sweet but meddling husband, her complicated job, her quarrelsome daughter – but as the smartest family member, she’s holding everything together brilliantly. She also has the dubious honour of being the ‘hot mum on the street’.

  • CHLOE (Orla Poole)

    CHLOE (Orla Poole)

    Fifteen-year-old Chloe is blessed with Caroline’s brains, but hasn’t yet found a way to do teenage things (getting a piercing, owning a fake ID card) without getting in trouble with her parents. She loves them, but finds her dad embarrassing and her mum aggravating.

  • STEVE (Daniel Rogers) and MIKEY (Lorenzo Rodriguez)

    STEVE (Daniel Rogers) and MIKEY (Lorenzo Rodriguez)

    Eleven-year-old Steve is a glass-half-empty kind of kid; nine-year-old Mikey is a glass-half-full guy. Steve’s bookish and stay-at-home, Mikey’s up for trying anything that comes along. Oh yes, he’s also done a bit of shoplifting.

  • TOMMY (Craig Parkinson)

    TOMMY (Craig Parkinson)

    Liam’s brother Tommy is scatty and irresponsible but somehow a great uncle to the kids – someone Chloe can talk to, and the boys can be naughty with. He spends most of his time chez Flynn, sitting on their couch and eating their food. He’s never done a day’s work in his life.

  • JIM (Warren Clarke)

    JIM (Warren Clarke)

    A total back-seat parent, cantankerous Jim thinks that Liam and Caroline are way too lenient with their kids. Since his wife died some years back, he's divided his time between his son’s house, the pub and the bookies. When not bossing around his family, Jim's is typically looking for love in all the wrong places.

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