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William Crawley with the religious and ethical news of the week. Moral arguments and perspectives on stories familiar and unfamiliar.

Next week more than a thousand activists will descend on Westminster demanding to have a cup of tea with their MP. They also have a few other demands as Matthew Frost the Chief Executive of Tearfund tells William.

In the first of a three part series leading up to the summer solstice we look at paganism in the UK today. Charles Carroll starts by looking at what it is, that pagans believe.

The Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme sounds very dull but it has benefited thousands of places of worship for over a decade. We will find out how the coalition want to end this benefit and ask what it will mean for decaying and decrepit churches, synangogues and mosques many of which are places of historical interest.

Ratko Mladic made his first appearance at The Hague War Crimes Tribunal this week, refusing to enter a plea to what he called "monstrous" and "obnoxious" charges. We look back at the role played by the Serbian Orthodox Church in the conflict as William talks to Marcus Tanner, who reported on the war for The Independent and is now Editor of Balkan Insight Magazine.

As Egypt counts down to its first election of the post Mubarak-era, Tarek Osman joins us from Cairo to tell William about the rise in sectarian violence which could spoil the country's return to democracy.

A rash of newspaper headlines this week suggested that a culture of marrying first cousins in Bradford was leading to major health problems. Trevor Barnes speaks to the man behind the headlines, who claims he was misquoted and then travels to Bradford to investigate.

Why has the Vatican prevented Dr Lesley Ann Knight Director General of Caritas International from standing for a second term? Presenter William Crawley will discuss the controversy with her predecessor Duncan McClaren and our Rome Correspondent David Willey.

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