Making History marks the beginning of the BBC's Domesday Re-Loaded project.

Tom Holland talks to Sally Pearce a university lecturer who was involved in the BBC's original Domesday Project and a leading figure in trying find ways of accessing data that had been stored on laser discs which had become obsolete.

In Scotland, Fiona Watson talks to medieval historian Professor Dauvit Brown at the University of Glasgow about how historians north of the border cope after missing out on the original Domesday Book in 1086.

Professor Hugh Pyper at the University of Sheffield talks to Tom Holland about the Roman census which forced Mary and Joseph and King David's census around a thousand years earlier which the book of Chronicles tells us was met with the wrath of God.

Gardening historian Marion Marko takes up the challenge of 'double-top Domesday' and Professor Eddy Higgs at the University of Essex head to the problems the internet age might bring to future historical researchers.

Producer: Nick Patrick
A Pier Production for BBC Radio 4.

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Tue 17 May 2011 15:00