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Neil Oliver returns to continue his epic story of how Britain and its people came to be, from the height of the Bronze Age through to the age of Iron, the Celts and the first kings to the age of Rome

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Age of Romans

4/4 Neil Oliver completes his epic journey with the modern marvels of Rome.

Sun 30 Oct 2011 19:00 BBC Two Northern Ireland only

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  • Video clip from episode 2 - Age of Warriors

    Video clip from episode 2 - Age of Warriors

    Neil and Barry Cunliffe look at spearheads and skulls at Danebury Hill Fort. They discuss a time where numerous hill forts began to expand in close proximity to each other and the finite size of the United Kingdom began to tell. This led to gruesome and violent tribal battles.

    Watch the clip from Danebury Hill Fort
  • Biography: Neil Oliver

    Biography: Neil Oliver

    Learn more about Neil's career and his earlier series A History of Ancient Britain.

    Read Neil's biography
  • Hands on History Family Activities

    Hands on History Family Activities

    Get creative with these prehistoric family activities.

    Take a look at the activities
  • Hands on History Days Out

    Hands on History Days Out

    Visit the BBC Things to Do site to find history activities around Britain and Northern Ireland.

    Find things to do in your area
  • What caused Britain's Bronze Age Recession

    What caused Britain's Bronze Age Recession

    Does a large gap in pre-history signal that Britain underwent an economic downturn over 2,500 years ago?

    Read the article from BBC News magazine
  • BBC TV Blog

    BBC TV Blog

    Presenter Neil Oliver on what making the programme meant to him personally: "To come so close to the way some individual, man or woman, was thinking all those millennia ago, while the Ice Age waxed and waned, was very moving for me."

    Read Neil's post at the BBC TV blog

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