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Radcliffe and Maconie Episode guide

  1. Dave 1 from Chromeo

    Mark and Stuart are reunited and chatting to Dave 1 from Canadian electrofunkers Chromeo.

    First broadcast: 28 Apr 2014

    Image for Dave 1 from Chromeo This episode will be available soon
  2. Jason Manford

    Mark presents solo with guest comedian Jason Manford.

    First broadcast: 25 Apr 2014

    Image for Jason Manford This episode will be available soon
  3. 24/04/2014

    Mark presents solo with more transient random noise bursts and musical interludes.

    First broadcast: 24 Apr 2014

    Image for 24/04/2014 This episode will be available soon
  4. Laetitia Sadier

    Mark's guest is Stereolab singer and solo artist Laetitia Sadier.

    First broadcast: 23 Apr 2014

    Image for Laetitia Sadier This episode will be available soon
  5. David Baddiel

    Mark presents the show solo and is joined by comedian David Baddiel.

    First broadcast: 22 Apr 2014

    Image for David Baddiel This episode will be available soon
  6. Simon Goddard

    Mark presents solo with guest Simon Goddard, who talks about his book on Postcard Records.

    First broadcast: 21 Apr 2014

    Image for Simon Goddard This episode will be available soon
  7. Clint Boon

    Mark Radcliffe presents solo and is joined by Clint Boon of Inspiral Carpets.

    First broadcast: 18 Apr 2014

  8. Agnes Obel

    Mark presents solo with Danish singer-songwriter Agnes Obel joining him.

    First broadcast: 17 Apr 2014

  9. Martin Freeman

    Mark is joined by actor Martin Freeman and plays some of his favourite Irish tunes.

    First broadcast: 16 Apr 2014

  10. Robert Webb and Mark Heap

    Mark Radcliffe presents solo with guests Robert Webb and Mark Heap.

    First broadcast: 15 Apr 2014

  11. Edwyn Collins

    Singer-songwriter extraordinaire Edwyn Collins chats to Mark.

    First broadcast: 14 Apr 2014

  12. John Connolly

    Irish author John Connolly talks about his new novel and accompanying music CD.

    First broadcast: 11 Apr 2014

    Image for John Connolly Not currently available
  13. Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook from Squeeze

    Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze fame join Stuart to talk about their new tour.

    First broadcast: 10 Apr 2014

    Image for Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook from Squeeze Not currently available
  14. Luke Bainbridge

    Writer, journalist and DJ Luke Bainbridge chats to Stuart about his new book.

    First broadcast: 09 Apr 2014

    Image for Luke Bainbridge Not currently available
  15. 08/04/2014

    Join one of radio's strongest men, Stuart Maconie, for witty banter and top quality tunes.

    First broadcast: 08 Apr 2014

    Image for 08/04/2014 Not currently available
  16. 07/04/2014

    Stuart has a sneak preview of his Radio 2 documentary A Very British Pop.

    First broadcast: 07 Apr 2014

    Image for 07/04/2014 Not currently available
  17. 04/04/2014

    Why not wrestle on the hearth rug of 6 Music with thine host, Stuart Maconie.

    First broadcast: 04 Apr 2014

    Image for 04/04/2014 Not currently available
  18. Matt Berry

    Actor and writer Matt Berry drops by to speak to Stuart with some brand new tracks.

    First broadcast: 03 Apr 2014

    Image for Matt Berry Not currently available
  19. Will Gregory

    Stuart Maconie presents solo and is joined by Goldfrapp's Will Gregory.

    First broadcast: 02 Apr 2014

    Image for Will Gregory Not currently available
  20. 01/04/2014

    The Doctor of Pop will see you now! Stuart presents the show solo.

    First broadcast: 01 Apr 2014

    Image for 01/04/2014 Not currently available
  21. Roddy Frame

    Stuart presents solo and is joined by singer-songwriter Roddy Frame.

    First broadcast: 31 Mar 2014

    Image for Roddy Frame Not currently available
  22. John Sessions and Peter Richardson

    Stuart and Mark's guests are John Sessions and Peter Richardson of The Comic Strip fame.

    First broadcast: 28 Mar 2014

    Image for John Sessions and Peter Richardson Not currently available
  23. Val McDermid

    Crime writer Val McDermid chats to Mark and Stuart about her reworking of Northanger Abbey

    First broadcast: 27 Mar 2014

    Image for Val McDermid Not currently available
  24. Wilko Johnson

    Wilko Johnson of Dr Feelgood fame chats to Mark and Stuart about his new album.

    First broadcast: 26 Mar 2014

    Image for Wilko Johnson Not currently available
  25. Band of Skulls

    Southampton's Band of Skulls join Mark and Stuart in the studio.

    First broadcast: 25 Mar 2014

    Image for Band of Skulls Not currently available
  26. 24/03/2014

    More music-based shenanigans from the Afternoon Minstrels of Rock.

    First broadcast: 24 Mar 2014

    Image for 24/03/2014 Not currently available
  27. Richard Osman

    Mark Radcliffe presents solo and is joined by Richard Osman, presenter of Pointless.

    First broadcast: 21 Mar 2014

    Image for Richard Osman Not currently available
  28. Temples

    Kettering four-piece Temples pop by the MegaCity studio mid-tour.

    First broadcast: 20 Mar 2014

    Image for Temples Not currently available
  29. 19/03/2014

    Cuddle up to the speaker for some audio bearhugs from Radcliffe and Maconie.

    First broadcast: 19 Mar 2014

    Image for 19/03/2014 Not currently available
  30. Bill Bailey

    Comedian Bill Bailey joins Mark and Stuart with news of his latest adventures.

    First broadcast: 18 Mar 2014

    Image for Bill Bailey Not currently available

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