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How Dangerous...

Dick and Dom explore the surprising science that can be found around us.

...Is Your School

  • SoundSound

    Dick and Dom investigate volume, pitch and noise direction.

  • BugsBugs

    Dick and Dom investigate germs, and how to stop the travelling around.

  • FoodFood

    Dick and Dom play with their food, in the name of science.

  • PEPE

    Dick and Dom investigate the science of sport and exercise.

  • Science TricksScience Tricks

    Dick and Dom learn tricks for mindbending science demonstrations

...is your Journey

  • Moving OnMoving On

    Dick and Dom make vehicles out of cotton reels, and find out what’s happening inside a car engine.

  • Staying SafeStaying Safe

    Dick and Dom test their reaction times, find out why ice is slippy, and make their own airbags… for an egg.

  • In the AirIn the Air

    Science in the air, with paper planes and marshmallows under cabin pressure.

  • On the WaterOn the Water

    Why boats float, and how to make your own submarine.

  • Under your own SteamUnder your own Steam

    Keeping your balance, and exploring the power of bicycle brakes.

...Is Your Garden

  • SoilSoil

    Get your hands dirty and find out more with the following three activities.

  • PlantsPlants

    Dick and Dom investigate how plants grow.

  • WildlifeWildlife

    Dick and Dom go bughunting in a backgarden.

  • SwingsSwings

    How the appliance of science helps us in the garden.

  • WeatherWeather

    How to create your own rainfall, and make a greenhouse in a bottle.

...is your House

  • KitchenKitchen

    Dick and Dom ask what happens when you put marshmallows in the microwave?

  • Living RoomLiving Room

    Dick and Dom talk about optical illusions and reflective remote controls.

  • Hallway and StairsHallway and Stairs

    Dropping experiments and homemade parachutes, with some science on the stairs.

  • BathroomBathroom

    Channelling Archimedes, making bath bombs, and the wonders of toothpaste.

  • BedroomBedroom

    Science in the dark, projecting stars and clanging coathangers.

...is Your Holiday

  • The BeachThe Beach

    Find out what makes the sky blue … and what to do if you get stuck in quicksand.

  • CampingCamping

    Where to pitch your tent, and how to stay warm and dry once you’re in it.

  • WinterWinter

    Brrrrrrr.... Dick and Dom investigate how to stay warm in freezing temperatures.

  • The Great OutdoorsThe Great Outdoors

    Dick and Dom tell you how to make a compass to find your way around the countryside.

  • SwimmingSwimming

    Why it’s easier to float in salty water, how to keep dry underwater, and what makes a bellyflop.

...is Your Christmas

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