Episode 2

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Bang Goes the Theory, Series 4 Episode 2 of 8

Duration: 30 minutes

In the second episode of the series, Liz follows two couples undertaking IVF and looks at the new research that may dramatically increase success rates. Jem attempts to become the first man to go 360 degrees on a playground swing. And Dr Yan confuses shoppers with the help of a very special mirror.

The programme is co-produced with the Open University. For more ways to put science to the test, go to www.bbc.co.uk/bang and follow the links to The Open University.

  • Bangin' Tunes

    Bangin' Tunes

    Sit back, pump up the volume and enjoy Bang's musical celebration of the tantalising questions thrown up by science. With a few explosions too, naturally.

    Watch the symphony of Bang
  • Jem's 360° swing in pictures

    Jem's 360° swing in pictures

    Jem's dummy takes the 360° swing seat. We're guessing he doesn't know what he's in for.

  • Look what you've created

    Look what you've created

    Jem and the Bang team look on as the dummy and the swing test out their hopes and reputations. No pressure then. Jem, you're up next.

  • Swingin' times

    Swingin' times

    Jem, a water jetpack, and a playground swing go for a ride unlike any other.

  • A hug says 1000 words

    A hug says 1000 words

    If you want to see what tremendous relief and extreme joy look like - take a peak here, Jem's brimming with it.

  • Hands-on: Water bottle rocket

    Hands-on: Water bottle rocket

    It won't get you 360° around a swing, but it's still great fun. Make a rocket with Dr Yan using a plastic bottle, water and air.

    Follow Dr Yan and make your own rocket
  • Jem's fire extinguisher go-kart

    Jem's fire extinguisher go-kart

    Can Jem's fire extinguisher vehicle beat Top Gear's speed record of 28mph?

    Watch yet another thrilling piece of Jem's engineering


Liz Bonnin
Dallas Campbell
Jem Stansfield
Series Producer
Paul King


The Open University

The Open University

If Bang stirs your interest in science then visit The Open University and discover more.

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