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Duration: 27 minutes

Lauren catches up to Whitney and wants her to come home, everyone’s worried about her. Whitney refuses, she’s in love with Rob and none of them care about her. Lauren follows Whitney to a bedsit that Whitney reveals Rob pays for. Suspicious, Lauren asks what Whitney does in return. Whitney tries to sound casual; just ‘favours’ for his mates. She insists she doesn’t mind, Lauren’s horrified. Rob arrives home, Lauren tells him she’s a mate and wants Whitney to come home. Rob answers for her; she’s busy. Intimidated, Lauren leaves. Rob tells Whitney a “mate” is coming round that he’s in debt to, could Whitney just be nice to him? Pouring her a drink, Rob lets a man in, leaving Whitney alone with him. Afterwards, Whitney sits numbly on the unmade bed as the man lets himself out. Having learnt the truth, Janine heads to the bedsit, noticing the man leaving. She interrogates Whitney who denies she’s a prostitute; she doesn’t get any money. Janine tries to convince her she’s being used, Whitney insists that Rob loves her.

Meanwhile, Rob finds Lauren and threatens her if she tries to make trouble for him. Returning home, he throws Janine out, smashing her phone, and is angry when Whitney’s anxious about her friends. He makes her feel guilty, and tells her she’s ungrateful. Whitney’s uneasy when Rob tells her they’re going to a party with his “mates”; she doesn’t want to go. Rob grabs her and forces her down the stairs. Whitney pleads to stay, but Rob pushes her out of the door towards a waiting car. Whitney hears her name being called and looks up to see Janine and Lauren. She hesitates, before getting into the car. The car heads off, leaving Janine and Lauren staring after it, helpless to stop it.


Whitney Dean
Shona McGarty
Lauren Branning
Jacqueline Jossa
Janine Malloy
Charlie Brooks
Rob Grayson
Jody Latham
Richard Simons
Jennie Darnell
Executive Producer
Bryan Kirkwood
Simon Ashdown


Maria Friedman to play Linda's mum


Star of the stage Maria Friedman will guest as Elaine Peacock.

Suffer the consequences

Alfie and Kat

When Alfie goes to visit Kat in hospital, he's guilt-ridden at the misery he's caused.

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