Jackie Ashley of The Guardian looks behind the scenes at Westminster.

The UN resolution authorising military action against Libya and the uncertainity of the ceasefire announced by Colonel Gaddafi has dramatically changed the course of events for the moment. But while bloodshed has so far been averted, what might be the consequences of Britain's potential involvement in the pro-democracy struggles in the Middle East? Richard Ottaway, Conservative MP and chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, and Gisela Stuart, a Labour member of the Defence Select Committee, discuss the latest developments.

The proposed NHS reforms have caused controversy amongst some Lib Dem members of the Coalition government, and Labour is condemning what it sees as the "marketisation" of the health service. So what is the basis of these concerns? John Leech Liberal Democrat, Liz Kendall Labour Health spokeswoman, and Nick De Bois Conservative MP give their judgment on plans to re-organise the health service.

There were two launches this week in the referendum campaign on AV showing cross party co-operation for both sides of the argument.
Lord Hattersley was active in the last UK wide referendum on membership of the EEC in 1975 and recounts his experience of that time.

Peter Hain Labour (supporting a YES vote) and George Eustice Conservative (supporting a NO vote) look at how well the co-operation is going amongst politicians, and the merits of the argument on both sides.

The Editor is Marie Jessel.

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