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Glac (Catch)

Igam Ogam Episode 17 of 26

Às dèidh a bhith aig craobh nan dèideag tha Igam Ogam airson an latha a chur seachad a' cluich 'Glac' cuide ri a caraidean. Ge-tà, chan eil cuisean a dol leatha oir chan eil Cuilean deònach an geam aig Igam Ogam a chluich 's tha Goban cho math air cluich 's nach eil Igam Ogam airson cluich na h-aghaidh. A' dol air chèilidh air Rolag, tha Igam Ogam a tuigsinn nach tig aige air cluich 's gun e comasach air am ball a ghlacadh. A' cumail air a' feuchainn, tha Rolag a' dèanamh a gnothaich mu dheireadh thall 's a glacadh 'bal' fìor chudromach.

After visiting the toy tree, Igam Ogam looks forward to spending the day playing catch with her friends. But things don't go according to plan, as Cuilean isn't interested in her game and she discovers that Goban is so skillfull that she doesn't want to play with her. Visiting Rolag, her plans are just as unsuccessful as Rolag doesn't even know how to catch a ball. With practice, Rolag finally masters the game and makes a very important catch.

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