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Duration: 30 minutes

Should some prisoners be allowed to vote? It's proving an emotive issue. The European Court of Human Rights says they should. A lot of MPs think they shouldn't and seem prepared to take a historic stand against the court today.

We'll be hearing from both sides of the argument and talking to two former inmates. We'll be interviewing Priti Patel MP, former prisoner and MP Jonathan Aitken, Labour's Lord Prescott and ex-prisoner John Hirst.

Is Nick Clegg a happy man? He's had to cancel his trip to Brazil because he's worried about the referendum on AV. His councillors certainly aren't happy - and he's lost a Lord.

And don't all shout at once. But we'll be asking if we're taxed too much.

Presenters Andrew Neil and Anita Anand are joined by the broadcaster and campaigner, John Gaunt.

And don't forget Andrew is also on This Week where he is joined by a former Archbishop of Canterbury to talk about the Big Society. Check their twitter or web site for more details about the guests.


Andrew Neil
Anita Anand


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