Britain's Missing Dads

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Duration: 29 minutes

Are actively involved dads becoming an endangered species in some parts of Britain? Panorama meets the dad who can't remember all his kids' names, as the government's 'poverty tsar' Frank Field says there are just too many 'feckless' fathers.

This programme examines why many men are losing contact with their children and asks what can be done to keep them in the picture. Reporter Declan Lawn has been given access to a ground-breaking project in south London that might have found the answer.

  • Feckless father cannot remember children's names

    Feckless father cannot remember children's names

    Panorama's Declan Lawn looks at absentee fathers after meeting one man who cannot remember the names of his eight children by eight women

    Read more about absentee fathers
  • Father of eight struggles to name his children

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    Panorama reporter Declan Lawn meets Keith Macdonald who, at just 25, has fathered eight children by eight different women. He is asked to name his children.

  • Charity helps fathers reconnect with their children

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    Panorama Reporter Declan Lawn visits a pioneering project in south London which is having results in reconnecting absent dads with their children.

  • 'Big Man' - tackling Britain's absent fathers

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    The film Big Man is a drama about absent fatherhood set in Lambeth, south London.
    It was developed and performed in partnership with young people from across the borough, many of whom have direct experience of the complex issues around parenting, relationships and being a father.
    Young parents worked with Latimer Creative Media and St. Michael's Fellowship to create the film and the project was funded by the Walcot Foundation.

  • Britain's Missing Dads - useful websites

    Britain's Missing Dads - useful websites

    If you or someone you know is affected by the issues raised in Panorama: Britain's Missing Dads - help is available.
    The organisations below provide information, support and advice to help keep families together or for fathers to help keep in touch with their children.

    Website and contact details
  • Britain's Missing Dads - join in the debate

    Britain's Missing Dads - join in the debate

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