Episode 3

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Saidheans Sporsail, Series 1 Episode 3 of 26

Duration: 25 minutes

Saidheans spòrsail is urrainn dhut a dhèanamh aig an taigh. Bring science to life with fun experiments you can try at home. Thoir saidheans beò le deuchainnean spòrsail is urrainn dhut a dhèanamh aig an taigh. An-diugh, tomhais do bhuille-cridhe le sràbh, agus cruthaich ruban curlach.

Le Kerry Anne NicLeòid agus Ailean Dòmhnallach Bring science to life with fun experiments you can try at home. Amongst today's experiments: measure your heartbeat with a drinking straw, and make your own curly ribbon. Presented by Kerry Anne MacLeod and Allan MacDonald.

  • Saidheans Spòrsail

    Anns a’ phrògram-sa, tha Kerry Anne agus Ailean a’ toirt thugainn deuchainnean saidheansail as urrainn an dèanamh aig an taigh:
    - tog rocaid le cumhachd bho phile fiosaidh
    - tomhais do bhuille-cridhe le sràbh
    - tionndaich loidhne dhìreach na chearcall slàn
    - faigh a-mach dè bheir air do chraiceann a dhol griseach
    - cruthaich ruban curlach
    - mar a chumas tu do bheil gun losgadh ‘s tu ag ithe salsa teth agus
    - dèan eun seunta ann an ceids a tha cur charan.

    In this episode Kerry Anne and Allan present us with some truly magnificent scientific experiments you can try at home:
    - build a fantastic fizzy tablet powered rocket
    - measure your throbbing heartbeat with a drinking straw
    - turn a straight line into an instant circle
    - find out what gives you goosebumps
    - create your own crazy curling ribbon
    - how to keep your mouth cool when you’re eating super hot salsa and
    - make a magic bird that stays inside a spinning cage.

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