Episode 39

Saving Species, Series 1 Episode 39 of 40
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39/40. Much of the world is farmed and in Britain it's argued that upward of 90% of the land surface, excluding people's gardens, is farmed in one form or another. And this figure, although large worldwide, nevertheless has a ring of truth about it - wilderness is disappearing. There are many arguments justifying the importance of wilderness - and they have all been touched upon in one edition or another of Saving Species.

In this programme we have our final "Memories" piece remembering the past abundance of the tenacious predators, stoats and weasels. And through the Narrow-Headed Ant we discover the dangers of fragmenting heathland.

And we have close encounters with the Africa Penguin (formally the Jackass Penguin) on a remote island off the coast of South Africa. Penguins alighting on islands throughout the southern oceans have provided our world with one of the great animal spectacles. But penguins are in decline - their survival is at the mercy of their food supply in the sea - a food supply that people compete directly with them for.

Presented by Brett Westwood
Produced by Sheena Duncan
Series Editor Julian Hector.

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