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Duration: 29 minutes

Chris Jackson investigates how well insulated our public buildings are as temperatures drop. Jamie Coulson tests out an extreme sport in the freezing waters of North Yorkshire, and Terry Deary finds out what the high street can tell us about Durham history.

  • Claire O'Hara - kayak ace

    Claire O'Hara - kayak ace

    Claire O'Hara is currently World Champion, European Champion and British Champion in squirt boat kayak, and British number two in freestyle kayaking.

    On Inside Out she chats to presenter Jamie Coulson (and gets him onto the water) in the Washburn Valley near Harrogate as he goes kayaking with one of the country's best paddlers.

    BBC News: Claire O'Hara - kayak ace
  • Blog: Why going green should give you the blues

    Blog: Why going green should give you the blues

    We sent "Dr Cold" out on assignment during our recent freezing cold snap to see if he could detect which of our public buildings were leaking heat.

    Using a heat seeking camera we could see where our hard earned taxes were disappearing into thin air.

    No building is perfect but if it's well constructed and insulated then the image should show mostly blues. If it's got problems then those patches will show up in red.

    BBC Blogs - Chris Jackson: Why going green should give you the blues


Chris Jackson


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