Episode 38

Saving Species, Series 1 Episode 38 of 40
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38/40 In the line up this week we have the final episode in our special series about "Lady Bird Book Britain". Written over 50 years ago, the what-to look-for series by the publishers Ladybird, were a series of four books, each one a UK season, highlighting the common wildlife at the time. Presenter Chris Sperring takes these books into the countryside and compares then to now. In this programme it's the winter edition, with the joys of swirling starlings, Mistletoe and birds at the bird table. And quite a lot has changed - not all for the worse. Chris will be in the studio talking to Brett about what he has learnt making the series.

And we turn our attention to charismatic mega fauna(!) and tourism. With two special reports, one from James Brickell in Australia and another from Mark Brazil in India, we examine how using tourists, however unlikely it might appear to be, are helping with research and protecting Whales and Tigers. And we'll be talking to a prominent geographer about the direction eco-tourism is going and how far can tourists go to protect species.

Presented by Brett Westwood
Produced by Mary Colwell
Series Editor Julian Hector.

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