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Ellie Harrison delves into the Countryfile archive to showcase the very best wildlife stories of 2010.

Ellie visits Kent to find out what is being done to conserve our native species, while Matt Baker travels north of the border, to Perthshire, to witness the red deer rut. He also finds out why a vacuum cleaner comes in handy if you are relocating cave spiders! Adam Henson kayaks with seals off the Farne Islands, while Ellie is on dry land, monitoring the puffin population.

  • Wildlife Compilation

    Wildwood Trust in Kent is the setting for this winter’s Countryfile Wildlife Compilation. Ellie Harrison explores this vast park full of native species from pine martens to wild boar and storks to an amazing pouncing lynx. Ellie also re-caps some of the year’s most memorable wildlife stories including Matt looking for cave spiders in the Yorkshire Dales, Julia in Sussex listening out for fallow deer and Katie Knapman on the Wash with thousands of migrating birds.

    Wildwood Trust Park
  • Ellie Harrison

    Ellie Harrison

    Ellie Harrison filming for the Countryfile Wildlife Compilation programme at Wildwood Trust near Canterbury in Kent

  • Durham Dales and Pond Life

    Matt Baker goes back to his family farm in County Durham. On the farm, Matt helps dig out a new pond to encourage birds to make their homes in 20 acres of ancient woodland. To find out how much wildlife activity there is when no one’s around, he installs a motion-activated camera on loan from the Durham Wildlife Trust. They've lent out cameras to members of the public all over the North-East and recorded some truly amazing nocturnal visitors. And it's not just native mammals being caught on the Wildlife Trust's hidden cameras.

    Urban WildPlaces
  • stork


    A stork at the Wildwood Trust in Kent

  • Wild Boar

    It’s estimated there could be up to a thousand wild boar in Britain and debate is raging over whether they're friend or foe. The government says there is no need for complete eradication but has given local communities and landowners the power to control wild boar populations as they see fit. In the Forest of Dean that task falls to the Forestry Commission. Julia Bradbury looks at the pros and cons of having wild boar in our countryside, the realities of managing their numbers and joins a wildlife ranger to examine their behaviour close-up.

    Forestry Commission: DEFRA announce wild boar action plan
  • Lynx


    A lynx at the Wildwood Trust. Ellie Harrison gets up close to these fascinating creatures.

  • Migrating Birds

    Have you ever wondered why some wildlife spectacles only occur at certain times of the year? Katie Knapman braves a cold autumnal morning on The Wash to watch as the unusually high tides of the equinox force thousands of knots up into the air from their feeding grounds. She discovers how the sun and the moon work together to give us this breathtaking ornithological ballet.

    Snettisham on the RSPB website
  • Bison


    Bison - in Kent! Ellie Harrison meets these residents of the Wildwood Trust

  • Cave Spiders

    For the last ten years a National Trust property in the Yorkshire Dales has been home to some very unusual and creepy squatters – a colony of cave spiders. The spiders would normally make their homes in dark, dry caves and cellars, but this colony has been living in an unused orchid house. Now the team at the house want to refurbish the building and this means getting its unwelcome residents safely moved to a nearby cave. But just how do you move a colony of spiders? Matt joins the hunt for the squatters and gets rather too close for comfort to one of Britain’s largest spiders.

    UK Safari website: Cave spiders
  • Puffins

    The Farne Islands are home to some of our most iconic birds including the puffin. Ellie lends Newcastle University researchers a hand as they use satellite technology to discover more about the habits of this beautiful bird. The craggy islands are also home to thousands of terns who aren’t afraid of getting close up and personal in order to defend their eggs.

    National Trust: Farne Islands
  • Seals

    Grey seals are thriving on the UK’s shores and the Farne Islands are home to a healthy population of around 4,000. In the summer they spend most of their lives in the sea but in the winter they haul out on to the rocky shores of the island. Adam takes a sea kayak to see some of these graceful mammals at play and discovers how vital research into what they are eating will help create a better understanding of the island ecosystem

    BBC Wildlife Finder: Grey Seal
  • Deer

    In autumn the deer rut begins. Eager to prove their worth to the females, the males groan and roar until they are hoarse, locking antlers with tough suitors and striving to be the best. But as Matt and Julia discover, there’s more meaning behind the moaning than you may think.

    The British Deer Society website


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Teresa Bogan
Julia Bradbury
Matt Baker
John Craven
Adam Henson
Ellie Harrison
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Andrew Thorman


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