America's top military award is the Medal of Honor and 25-year-old U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Salvatore Guinta recently became the first living recipient from the Afghanistan War to receive that award. He tells Americana what it means to receive the Medal and a bit about the harrowing actions that ultimately led to his national recognition.

In the land of make-believe C.S. Lewis was a master-crafter of fiction but some, including prominent leaders in the United States like Sarah Palin, understand the young adult novels to be full of complex religious metaphors and important truths. Americana talks with fans and scholars to discuss the land of Narnia.

Far, far away, in a land not of make-believe, deep in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, two sisters are escaping into a world of books. The two explain what it takes to survive a cold, dark winter, in a town of scarcely 300 people.

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