What will Kevin Connolly have to say as he leaves the United States after three years as our man in Washington? There are opinions on Americans, their use of English, their food, portions, guns, religion, music and politics. Hear all about it! In this morning's From Our Own Correspondent.

Also today:
A cocaine factory is blown to pieces in a Colombian jungle clearing.
And how an extraordinary year has laid bare the good, and the bad in Chilean society.

Colombia is making progress in its long, hard, war on drugs. The big cartels have been broken up, and cocaine production is significantly down. But the fight against the traffickers is far from over, and the security forces continue to take it deep into the jungle on dangerous missions. Frank Gardner joined one of these patrols, and because of the injuries he sustained some years ago while reporting in the Gulf ....Frank arrived in his wheelchair...

Algeria is very much part of the Muslim world. But among the landmarks of its capital, Algiers is a fine imposing church. A cathedral, called "Our Lady of Africa", stands high above the Mediterranean -- the sun gleaming on its silver dome... The church has been undergoing years of much-needed renovation work. And Chloe Arnold was there to see the re-opening of the building which....all through Algeria's recent troubles....stood as a symbol of harmony between Islam and Christianity.

This has been a year that the people of Chile will never forget. 2010 happens to be the bi-centenary of the country's independence, and during it the nation has been tested in extraordinary ways. The year began with a major earthquake. And it ended with the world looking on as the thirty-three miners were rescued from beneath a mountain. Through all this Gideon Long watched the country's leader, Sebastian Pinera as he encountered both triumph and disaster....

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