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At the Lower Loxley ice rink, Jill's concerned about Freddie's continuing extra tuition. Elizabeth explains it's to catch up with Lily and make sure he also gets into the Cathedral School. Jill makes her disapproval clear. If Freddie has to be pushed so hard then their chosen school probably isn't right for him. She suggests both children could both go to Borchester Green if Elizabeth is worried about them being split up. Elizabeth reminds Jill about Freddie and Lily's birthday on Sunday. There'll be a skating party with winter barbecue.

Jazzer catches Harry practicing his lines and gets a mild ticking off over his friend Jackie using Harry's hair drier the last time she stayed over. Fallon calls to remind Harry about tonight's rehearsal. There, they playfully mock each other until Jazzer embarrasses Harry by reminding him about his big upcoming kiss with 'Alice'. Jazzer selflessly volunteers himself for this. Fallon seems disappointed when for a moment it looks like they won't get to practice their scene. They do though, and Fallon encourages an uncharacteristically nervous and fluffy Harry as they go in for the big kiss. Nigel notices how they both commit to it, and afterwards quizzes Harry. Harry plays down their relationship though. He admits he likes Fallon, but they're just good pals.

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