Canoeing for Ladies

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written and dramatised by Alexander McCall Smith

The second of two plays adapted from Alexander McCall Smith's enormously successful and popular series set in Botswana.

Mma Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi have to face the dangers of crocodiles, hippos and a tiny canoe as their case takes them to the Okovango Delta to trace a safari guide. There is also the problem of Phuti's aunt to solve, as well as the necessity of confronting their old adversary, Violet Sepotho.

Director: Gaynor Macfarlane.

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Role Contributor
Mma RamotsweJanice Acquah
Mma MakutsiNadine Marshall
Mr JLB MatekoniBen Onwukwe
HansiMaynard Eziashi
BoatmanNyasha Hatendi
MightyObi Abili
TebogoChuk Iwuji
MoripeJude Akuwudike
PhutiJude Akuwudike
Violet SephothoAnna Bengo
AuntNoma Dumezweni
Mma PotokwaniAdjoa Andoh
DirectorGaynor Macfarlane
AdaptorAlexander McCall Smith
AuthorAlexander McCall Smith