Episode 31

Saving Species, Series 1 Episode 31 of 40

31/40. We take a look at British farmland and ask how fit it is for wildlife to flourish. The little known Blue Pimpernel is a diminutive flower of arable land and now very rare. Early in the autumn we went to the Midlands to find some, and discovered what changes to farming arable land have been needed to allow this wild flower to re-emerge.

And you have probably heard of Africa's "big five" - but have you heard of Britains "Big Six" - these are the six farmland birds in the UK all severely in decline and all of whom would benefit we're told, from the same joined up farming as the Blue Pimpernel arable-loving flower above is. The argument is, get this six right and the rest will follow. But what species are they? And can the UK do it - we'll ask if the funding and leadership is in place to sort out Britains farmland birds.

And to South America and the Maned Wolf. Mark Brazil has had a close encounter with this "shaggy fox with long legs" - one of the rarest mammals in the world and perhaps one of the least understood. We're with Mark in South America and talking to the experts too from the IUCN's Species Survival Commission.

Presented by Brett Westwood
Produced by Mary Colwell
Series Editor Julian Hector.

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