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Surprising Helen by shopping at Ambridge Organics, Jazzer reveals he's cooking a special meal tonight for Jackie, his lady friend. He admits Harry's coaching the cooking and will disappear for the evening, so Jazzer can get a result. Helen tells awkward Tony about last night's antenatal class, and he can't help making a comment about her going alone.

Later, Helen is distracted following her midwife appointment. Helen says it was fine, but declines Kirsty's invitation to the Christmas lights switch-on later.

Jazzer attempts to cook as Harry practices his lines. Eddie stops by and offers to sell them a Christmas tree. As Harry investigates the supply in Eddie's van, Jazzer asks Eddie if he's managed to avoid Nathan Booth at rehearsal. No need, says Eddie. They're getting on just fine.

At rehearsal, Lynda notices the usual chemistry between Nathan and Eddie is sadly lacking. Meanwhile, Jazzer is having a crisis at home with the meal. He's been too distracted 'entertaining' Jackie.

There's also disaster at the rehearsal, as Eddie picks up the bucket of confetti to throw over Sabrina. The bucket actually contains a gloopy liquid, and she's covered. Despite his protestations of innocence, Eddie is promptly fired by Lynda.

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Thu 25 Nov 2010 14:00

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