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Saturday 20 November 2010

Fi Glover with educationist and creativity guru Sir Ken Robinson, poet Salena Godden, teen mum Hannah White who has 4 A levels, and a man who has just escaped from Somali pirates. There's a Sound Sculpture of an 8mm movie projector, and the Inheritance Tracks of Sir Ian Botham.

  • Studio Guest :: Sir Ken Robinson

    Studio Guest :: Sir Ken Robinson

    Educationist and creativity guru Sir Ken Robinson is Fi's studio guest this week.

    The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything is published by Penguin.

    Sir Ken Robinson's official website
  • Topical Stories :: Teenage mum

    Topical Stories :: Teenage mum

    Hannah White became pregnant at the tender age of 15. Despite the odds she has done well achieving seven A’s in her GCSEs, four A levels and has just completed a degree in biological sciences.

  • Topical Stories :: Beating the pirates

    Topical Stories :: Beating the pirates

    John Twiss is a marine security consultant who escaped from Somali pirates only a few weeks ago.

  • Inheritance Tracks :: Sir Ian Botham

    Inheritance Tracks :: Sir Ian Botham

    Cricketer Ian Botham inherits From Me To You By The Beatles and he passes on Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture.

    Botham's Book of the Ashes: A Lifetime Love Affair with Cricket's Greatest Rivalry is published by Mainstream.

  • Soundsculpture :: Cine film projector

    Soundsculpture :: Cine film projector

    Listener Patt Roberts chooses the sound of an 8mm movie projector which her dad used to make home movies.

  • Poet :: Salena Godden

    Poet :: Salena Godden

    Salena Godden is a poet, performer and writer. She also has a weekly residency in London's Soho hosting and curating The Book Club Boutique.

    The Book Club Boutique
  • Children in Need - Auction

    Children in Need - Auction

    The Saturday Live Guest Book - inscribed by all our contributors - is up for auction for Children in Need - get bidding!

    Children in Need
  • I was shakespeare's english teacher

    I was shakespeare's english teacher
    he was often late and tardy
    he struggled with his lessons
    too busy being weird and bardy

    William was a poor student
    he spoke in rhyme and baffled
    he had a beard by year eight
    and his essays always waffled

    He wore velvet cloaks, hats and frills
    so he was often kept back in detention
    he might have done well in his classes
    if he’d only paid attention.

  • Under The Pier

    Under the pier
    I’d meet you here
    on Saturday lunchtimes
    in technicolours and rainbows

    There were four of us that day
    walking along Bottle Alley
    I’d touch shards of saffron coloured glass
    pressed into the bleached concrete and wonder
    what came in yellow bottles?

    Ceri balanced along the ledge
    like a gymnast on a beam
    her wild gold hair getting trapped
    in the corners of her mouth

    Claire wore thick clumps of mascara
    in turquoise and royal blue
    her eyelashes were insects
    bluebottles and beetles legs

    Becky was tall and gangly
    we talked about suicide
    and we believed 1987
    was gonna be just like 1967

    As we swigged from the Thunderbirds red
    fifty pence more expensive than the blue
    but we were all sick of Scrumpy

    Under the pier
    I’d meet you here
    On Saturday lunchtimes
    in technicolours and rainbow

    The four of us sheltered there from
    the rain and the boys and our parents

    it was our secret place
    that nook and ledge

    With our backs against the sea wall
    our voices were drowned out
    by the crashing of waves
    a wash of froth and brine
    an echo of footsteps
    across the soft rotting wood
    of the boardwalk above us

    There were gaps between the planks
    and prisms of watery light
    brown broken pipes emptied
    in slurps of sewage

    Lightening flashed
    between the rusty barnacled legs
    of the dear old lady pier
    and magic mushrooms
    made the sea all blood and ink

    We shared
    ten benson and hedges
    bubble-gum lip gloss
    smeared and slipped off the tip
    and the lip of the bottle
    and we sang Purple Rain
    memorising the words like a prayer

    With a tiny crumb of hash
    we huddled around the light
    cupping our hands
    altogether alright
    we’d been grounded
    because we had lovebites
    we were nearly fifteen
    and we had cat fights

    We swore to be best friends forever
    that our children would play together
    one for all and all for one
    forever and ever…

    The sky was slate
    but as the storm died
    and the rain stopped
    God was a solitary shaft of sunlight
    hitting the sea with a shining path to the horizon.

    First Story


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    Celebrating the music that special guests cherish and would like to bestow to future generations.

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