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Saturday 23 October 2010

Saturday Live's guest presenter is news anchor Mishal Husain. She's joined by physicist Professor Jim Al-Khalili, poet Matt Harvey and expert negotiator Stuart Diamond.

The producer is Simon Clancy.

  • Studio Guest :: Jim Al-Khalili

    Studio Guest :: Jim Al-Khalili

    Jim is a Professor of Physics at the University of Surrey and he also holds a chair in the Public Engagement in Science. "Pathfinders: The Golden Age of Arabic Science" by Jim Al-Khalili, is published by Allen Lane.

    Jim's official website
  • Secret Life :: Martina Cole

    Secret Life :: Martina Cole

    British crime writer Martina Cole shares her love of religious artefacts.

    The Family by Martina Cole is published by Headline.

    Martina Cole's official website
  • Topical Stories :: Negotiator

    Topical Stories :: Negotiator

    Stuart Diamond advises companies and organisations on how to negotiate, drawing on experiences including the Hollywood writers strike that brought production to a standstill in 2008. "Getting More: How You Can Negotiate to Succeed in Work & Life" by Stuart Diamond, is published by Viking.

  • Extraordinary Stories :: Rebuilt memory

    Extraordinary Stories :: Rebuilt memory

    Alex Lewis was 18 when he had a serious motorbike accident that put him in a coma. When he came round he had lost his memory. But with the help of his twin brother Marcus, Alex began to piece together his childhood. It was some time later that Alex discovered Marcus was being economical with the truth.

    The National Association for People Abused in Childhood
  • Inheritance Tracks :: Sadie Frost

    Inheritance Tracks :: Sadie Frost

    Actress Sadie Frost inherited Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles and passes on Kooks by David Bowie.

    Crazy Days, My Autobiography is published by John Blake.

  • Poet :: Matt Harvey

    Poet :: Matt Harvey

    Poet, columnist, enemy of all that’s difficult and upsetting, Matt performs up and down the country at festivals, cabarets, conferences and colleges.

    Matt's official website
  • Comprehensive Spending Review

    The Bullingdon Budget Boiled Down

    Cut, peel, shave, hack
    Fat cat, slap back
    Hard facts, sharp axe
    Get down, brass tacks

    Jobs lost? Job lots
    Hand forced, hands washed
    Old wounds, new salt
    Needs must, their fault

    Tough choice, fair’s fair
    Hard cheese, there there
    spen ding re view
    chop, slash, carve, hew

    cut bone, near knuckle
    hear hear cheer chuckle
    Listen, we all have to tighten out belts
    Look, some of us have got a silver buckle

  • Theoretical Physics (and that)

    they’re celebrants of elegance
    apologists for awesomeness
    give physical reality excruciating scrutiny
    each and every moment is a photon opportunity
    they breathe rarified air on the cusp of the known
    where anti-particular unseeds are unsown

    in the face of this immensity
    my mind feels it has the density
    of a shortish sort of Planck
    it feels this constantly (and with a silent c)

    let me explain…

    if the energy (E) of a particle (P)
    and its dignity (D) are all relative (R)
    to the way they are seen (S)
    or misunderstood (Mmm)
    it’s my best guess (BG)
    that they’re subject (SJ)
    to the forces (FC)
    of ignorance (I)
    the desire to sound deep (Dmmmb)
    of emotional baggage (Ebb)
    floaty otherness (Flow)
    and are tempered (ey up)
    by the deep knowing (Kuh!)
    that we find in our heart (Huh!)

    so that far from chanting a secular Om Shanti with the cognoscenti
    we wind up sipping skinny latte with the ignorati

    all of which is best expressed by the equation:
    E over P subdivided by D and surrounded by R
    equals 2 pi r spurned magnified by Kuh! Huh
    undermined by I O and undeterred by Oo-er

    which is why inertia is deep
    and the light that reaches us from Andromeda
    is never truly fresh


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