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1 hour, 55 minutes
First broadcast:
Tuesday 21 September 2010

Once of Genesis, now flying solo, Phil Collins joins Simon in the studio to discuss his new album. Pauline McCole brings you the latest money news, Matt Williams is across the sport, and Sally Boazman is keeping an eye on the roads. There's another confession, a fine selection of Three Word Tuesdays and a homework problem solved. Plus the usual offering of great music, with a Jazz Showstopper to round things off.

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  • Phil Collins

    Phil Collins joins Simon to talk about his album, Going Back.

  • Image for Edwyn Collins

    Edwyn Collins A Girl Like You

    The All Time Greatest Movie Songs, Columbia/Sony Tv

  • Image for Michael Bublé

    Michael Bublé Hollywood

    (CD Single), Reprise, 1

  • Image for Coldplay

    Coldplay Yellow

    Glorious (Various Artists), Columbia

  • Image for Gabrielle

    Gabrielle When A Woman

    (CD Single), Go Beat

  • Image for Elton John

    Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    Elton John Greatest Hits 1970-2002, Mercury

  • Image for Lifehouse

    Lifehouse Halfway Gone

    Smoke & Mirrors, Geffen, 1

  • Image for Christie

    Christie Yellow River

    70's Number Ones Vol 3, Old Gold

  • Image for Phil Lynott

    Phil Lynott Yellow Pearl

    And I Write The Songs (Various Artis, Debutante

  • Image for Genesis

    Genesis Many Too Many

    Genesis - The Platinum Collection, EMI, 23

  • Image for Dawn

    Dawn and Tony Orlando Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree

    70's Number Ones Vol 3, Old Gold

  • Image for Rumer

    Rumer Aretha (Radio 2 Recommends Live From Maida Vale)

  • Image for Fran Healy

    Fran Healy Buttercups

    (CD Single), Wreckord Label, 1

  • Image for Herb Alpert

    Herb Alpert This Guy's In Love With You

    The Best Of The Brass, A&M

  • Books, Glorious Books

    Books, Glorious Books

    We've told you about the new Radio 2 Bookclub, now we've told you how to review books. Heat's Boyd Hilton did it for nine years on Simon's old 5 Live programme, and had a few top tips. If you want to be considered as a reviewer, you can do so from the link below.

    The Radio 2 Book Club
  • Big Phil

    Big Phil

    Phil Collins popped in for a chat to discuss his new album, and spoke very candidly about his career with Genesis, solo work and family life. He said he'd record a bit more, not write music so much, and concentrate on literary endeavours.

  • Confession: 'The Dirty Secret'

    Dear Father Simon and the faithful forgers of forgiveness.

    In 1991 I was in my first job as a trainee quantity surveyor, working on a by-pass being built around a town in Northern England. The offices in which we all worked -comprised a number of portacabin offices set in a row with connecting sections forming a central corridor, with offices on either side. Each unit was pretty much identical with doors and desks in the same places, with no name plates, so other than personal items, or indeed people, it would be difficult to differentiate between each office. It is easy to imagine that such a set up might be confusing, not least if you’ve just started working there.

    I’d been there for a few months and had got used to the ‘door-counting’, a subconscious activity needed to locate my particular office.

    With no carpet on account of the inevitable muddy boots, most people elected to work with their office doors closed to avoid the unnecessary disturbance of noisy footsteps. I like to think my digression was in part driven by my diligence in wishing to be left to work in peace, but it is for the collective to decide upon whether this mitigation justifies my actions.

    My mischief started when a middle-aged couple from the local village
    were employed to clean the offices. The cleaning operation basically
    meant sweeping away the accumulation of mud each day and not much more.
    They seemed keen to do an excellent job and were diligent in their
    approach. I have to say I felt some small resentment that such an easy
    task should interfere with the extremely important work I was doing in
    counting bricks as trainee - and indeed qualified - quantity surveyors do.

    My office was in the last but one unit and was closest to the end
    unit with the cleaning cupboard. Having on occasion ventured into the
    cleaning cupboard I was aware it contained 3 brooms, one mop, a bucket
    and other cleaning paraphernalia.

    One afternoon at about 5.30 the door to my office opened and the new
    cleaner walked in - no knock, no words – she just walked in with a broom and ignored my cheery greeting of ‘Afternoon’. The same thing had happened the previous day and I was a bit miffed that my attempts to be pleasant had been ignored.

    For some unknown reason the lady left the broom leaning against the
    spare desk and then left my office. From the sound of the steps I knew
    she had walked at least two office units away from my own. Quick as a
    flash I opened the window and posted the broom outside, closing the
    window afterwards. 10 minutes later she returned, again unannounced, scanned the office, partook in some head scratching and then disappeared again. Then a few minutes later she came back in with another broom and for further reasons I could not fathom, placed this second broom in the same place and then left again. The opportunity was too good to miss, and so the second broom joined the first on the floor outside.

    In a few minutes she returned and I ignored her - and she went away very
    confused. I heard her go once again to the cupboard, then to the office
    on the opposite side of the corridor to my own and then fading footsteps
    as she walked away towards the other end of the offices.

    The temptation was too great, so checking the coast was clear I went into the opposite office and of course there was the third and final broom - way too good an opportunity to miss, so I took it back to my office and out of the window it went joining the other two.

    Shortly I heard her familiar footsteps - she was quite a large lady with a pinafore - first to the office opposite mine, where there was silence (presumably bewilderment), then she returned to my office – and again - faced more bewilderment, then back to her cupboard and finally back to my office.

    Finally she was forced to talk to me, enquiring if I had seen a broom. I told her that she had walked in empty handed a couple of times and gone away again, and somehow I managed to summon a tone of annoyance at the continuing disturbance and evident incompetence.

    So off she went, baffled, and off I went , again, being careful not to be spotted as I went out the fire escape, gathered the brooms and then with the stealth of a tiger
    and speed of a panther placed all three brooms back in the cupboard and
    resumed my place at my desk. About ten minutes later she returned, asking
    the same question about the missing broom. I was able to match this second round of pointless questioning with even more annoyance and with an air of impatience, I stood up and said ‘the brooms will be in the cupboard of course, where else?’pushing past her in an officious way. I ignored her protests of ‘I’ve already checked the cupboard’, threw open the door and stepped back, with one open palm, gesturing her gaze toward the many brooms. Words would have been wasted here, so I left her there in her state of confusion, collected my coat and headed for the car.

    The life of a quantity surveyor can be a lonely one, so I wasn’t able to share my story the next day, especially with guilt as both she and her husband never came back. With hindsight I think there was no intention on her part to be rude, she was probably a little intimidated by the invasion of strangers and was perhaps conscious of her interruption.

    I can now see that my actions may have caused a dear old lady to question her sanity, to give up her job in a village where few opportunities would have existed anyway and mostly, that I may have tarnished an old lady’s optimism that the country's future would be in the hands of worthy respectful people, rather than the arrogance she
    had witnessed.



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