Delhi Games: A City Divided

India is less than a month away from hosting the Commonwealth Games, but will they pull it off? It will be the biggest sporting event held in India since the Asian Games in 1982 and hopes are being pinned on this being a major opportunity to showcase its increasing clout on the world stage - to back up its claim as an emerging economic superpower. But allegations of widespread corruption, shoddy work and human rights violations have overshadowed the modern image it's striving for. On the streets of Dehli our reporter Anna Cunningham meets slum dwellers whose homes have been destroyed to make way for parking lots and cricketing legend Kapil Dev who's urging people to stay postive. With the clock ticking down to the opening night will Delhi be ready?

Presenter: Anna Cunningham
Producer: Nicola Humphries
Series Producer: Perminder Khatkar.

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Mon 13 Sep 2010 18:00

The challenges facing Muslim soldiers

The challenges facing Muslim soldiers

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