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Sex, lies and true love in modern Scotland, BBC Three's seductive relationship drama Lip Service follows the lives of a group of twenty-something lesbians.

  • Episode 6

    6/6 Frankie is left reeling when she finally discovers the truth about her childhood.

    First broadcast: 16 Nov 2010

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  • Episode 5

    5/6 A work assignment brings Frankie and Cat closer as they take a walk down memory lane.

    First broadcast: 09 Nov 2010

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  • Episode 4

    4/6 Cat puts her relationship on the line when she lies to Sam. Tess tries internet dating.

    First broadcast: 02 Nov 2010

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  • Episode 3

    3/6 Cracks begin to show in Cat and Sam's relationship as Frankie's presence becomes an issue.

    First broadcast: 26 Oct 2010

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  • Episode 2

    2/6 Frankie puts herself in danger, while Tess makes a fool of herself on live television.

    First broadcast: 19 Oct 2010

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Episode 6

6/6 Frankie is left reeling when she finally discovers the truth about her childhood.

Mon 16 Apr 2012 02:45 BBC Three

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  • Character profile: Frankie

    Character profile: Frankie

    A spirited photographer who's emotionally off-the-rails, Frankie attracts trouble at every turn. She comes across as fearless and irreverent but strip away the bravado and she's the most vulnerable of the group. Occasionally bisexual, Frankie generally only uses men for sex but falls in love with women. Intimacy is a problem for Frankie. She bailed on her relationship with Cat before giving it a chance, escaping to New York. For Frankie, casual sex offers an opportunity to run away from herself when rest of her life is in freefall. Frankie's home life is difficult. Her parents died when she was a child and she was raised by her Aunt Carol and bullish Uncle Cameron who's always treated her like an outsider. When Aunt Carol dies, Frankie returns home but her return isn't welcomed by everyone.

    Actor info

    Ruta Gedmintas previously played Elizabeth Blount in BBC Two historical drama The Tudors.

    Read Ruta's Lip Service blog
  • Character profile: Cat

    Character profile: Cat

    A self-assured architect, Cat is a driven control freak with a tendency to fret and analyse everything and anything, rarely leaping before she looks. A loyal friend and loving sister to Ed, Cat is able to be very open with those closest to her but is often cagey and secretive in relationships, finding it hard to really open up. Cat's first big love was the exciting - but wild - Frankie. Teenage best friends, they fell in love in their twenties but then Frankie bailed out and took off to the States.

    Actor info

    Laura Fraser was brought up in Glasgow. She recently played lead roles in the movies Cuckoo and The Boys Are Back.

  • Character profile: Tess

    Character profile: Tess

    Struggling actress Tess is Cat's best friend and flatmate who has an uncanny knack of falling for all the wrong sorts of women. Terribly sardonic, Tess' vulnerable side is buried under self-deprecating comments, sarcasm and anger. In contrast to her organised and tidy flatmate Cat, Tess is scandalously messy and lives a chaotic life. Sometimes lacking confidence, Tess is a sucker for women who treat her badly. Although she might rant to her friends when a girlfriend treats her badly, Tess generally ignores their advice, letting lovers off the hook whenever they feed her a sob story.

    Actor info

    Fiona Button studied at Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. Her most notable role to date is that of Lucy Bedford in the Palace.

  • Character profile: Ed

    Character profile: Ed

    A gentle bloke and true friend, Ed is very close to his sister, Cat. A would-be novelist, Ed pays the rent with temping work, often working alongside Tess in times of need. Ed's love life is a disaster and he puts his lack of success with women down to not being macho enough. Ed has a secret and long-standing crush on Tess but she is completely oblivious to his adoration, seeing him merely as a good friend and confidante.

    Actor info

    James Antony Pearson was born in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, studied Mathematics at Edinburgh University and now lives in Glasgow. He is best known for his role as Bernard Sumner in Anton Corbijn's film, Control.

  • Character profile: Jay

    Character profile: Jay

    Jay has been friends with Cat since their days at university and they now work together at a city centre architect's firm. A key part of the group, Jay is particularly close to Frankie. A self-confessed womaniser, Jay has been faithful to his current girlfriend Becky for quite some time - by his standards at least. But, unfortunately for Becky, her love doesn't diminish his never-ending desire for affirmation through sex.

    Actor info

    Emun Elliot was rasied in Edinburgh. He started a degree in English Literature and French at Aberdeen University before dropping out to train at the Royal Scottish Academy of music and Drama. He recently played the lead role of Dr Christian King in Paradox.

  • Character profile: Sam

    Character profile: Sam

    A detective sergeant with the police, Sam is Cat's first date since her break-up with Frankie. Sam is stable, funny, cynical and insightful. She rarely hides her feelings, preferring things out in the open - Sam can be disarmingly honest and expects the same level of honesty back. She doesn't like to play games in her relationships. Although she can be very understanding she has a lot of self-respect and won't be messed around.

    Actor info

    Heather Peace was born in Bradford. She has appeared in Ultimate Force, London's Burning and The Chase.

  • Character profile: Lou

    Character profile: Lou

    Stunningly attractive and charming when she wants to be, daytime TV presenter Lou Foster has quickly worked her way up the media ladder. On a superficial level she has an amazing ability to charm and knows how to flatter, but her mood can change in an instant and she can be hugely selfish and unreasonable. Although Lou likes the attention she gets from men, she has always secretly fancied women. Lou doesn't like the idea of being viewed as a lesbian, but she is desperate to sleep with a woman and her relationship with Tess brings out the best and worst in her.

    Actor info

    Roxanne McKee was born in Worthing. She studied Social Policy & Political Studies at the University of London before going on to win the role of Louise Summers in Hollyoaks.

  • BBC Three blog: Creating brand new lesbian drama Lip Service

    BBC Three blog: Creating brand new lesbian drama Lip Service

    Harriet Braun on writing Lip Service: "The scene was loosely based on something that happened to me, which just goes to show for a writer there are up sides to embarrassment and humiliation."

    Read Harriet's blog
  • TV blog

    TV blog

    Read Heather Peace's blog post on playing Detective Sergeant Sam Murray and find out why the character is everything she would like to be.

    Playing Sam in Lip Service's love triangle

TV Blog: Playing Sam

Lip Service

Heather Peace talks about playing Sam in Lip Service's love triangle.

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