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Duration: 29 minutes

Peggy celebrates the Vic being hers again. Phil, meanwhile, sits in a drug-fuelled haze in a squat. Peggy insults Janine at the hen party, claiming she only loves money. Pat jumps to Janine’s defence, retorting that the only thing Peggy loves is the Vic, which is why she’s allowing Phil to kill himself on drugs. With Pat’s words having struck a chord, a downcast Peggy despairs about Phil. Dot urges her not to give up on him. Stirred into action, Peggy heads to the squat with Billy and Minty to retrieve Phil. They return an enraged Phil kicking and screaming to the Vic. Forcing him into the living room, a tearful Peggy nails the door shut.

Pat drags a reluctant Janine to R&R for her hen party. They’re met by an unenthusiastic gathering of hens that Pat’s managed to assemble. A preoccupied Bianca frets over Sam’s baby and accosts Ronnie about Jack. An argument ensues and the women tussle. Janine overhears Peggy sneering at her and the two trade insults. Pat intervenes, but Peggy points out that even Pat doubted the marriage would last. Janine’s left affronted by the lack of faith. On hearing the gathered hens deriding her too, a fed up Janine turns on them. Left alone, she’s approached by Richard; a wealthy, handsome man. Leaving the club, Janine hears a drunken Ryan declaring his love for her. She hesitates before kissing Richard and getting into his car.

Concerned for Stacey in the aftermath of events with Becca, Jean grows increasingly worried by her erratic manner. Seeing Stacey, Dot remarks about the jacket she’s knitting for Lily. Stacey impassively replies that she needn’t worry as Lily is nothing to do with Dot; Bradley’s not Lily’s father.

Ryan celebrates his stag night with Ricky; unaware of what Janine’s doing.


Peggy Mitchell
Barbara Windsor
Phil Mitchell
Steve McFadden
Billy Mitchell
Perry Fenwick
Minty Peterson
Cliff Parisi
Sam Mitchell
Danniella Westbrook
Roxy Mitchell
Rita Simons
Janine Malloy
Charlie Brooks
Ryan Malloy
Neil McDermott
Ricky Butcher
Sid Owen
Pat Evans
Pam St Clement
Bianca Butcher
Patsy Palmer
Ronnie Mitchell
Samantha Womack
Whitney Dean
Shona McGarty
Denise Johnson
Diane Parish
Kim Fox
Tameka Empson
Heather Trott
Cheryl Fergison
Shirley Carter
Linda Henry
Carol Jackson
Lindsey Coulson
Dot Branning
June Brown
Stacey Branning
Lacey Turner
Jean Slater
Gillian Wright
Mo Harris
Laila Morse
Jay Brown
Jamie Borthwick
Richard Monroe
Andrew Hall
Male Stripper
Sean Mulligan
Lee Salisbury
Executive Producer
Bryan Kirkwood
Daran Little


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Nasty Nick Cotton is on his way back to Walford!

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