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Life and love in all its messy, lazy brilliance as Steve (Russell Tovey) and Becky (Sarah Solemani) get busy doing nothing in Stefan Golaszewski's anti-romantic comedy.

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The Argument

Steve and Becky have a drunken argument, and Becky gets locked in the bathroom.

Sat 8 Oct 2011 03:30 BBC Three

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  • Good News...

    Good News...

    The second series of Him & Her is coming to BBC Three in the autumn.

  • Him & Her - Series Two Preview

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    Stefan Golaszewski, the writer of Him & Her, gives us a sneak preview of what series two has in store.

    “The second series of Him & Her sees Becky move into Steve's place.
    Laura and Paul are still planning their wedding. Dan's got back together with his girlfriend. And there's trouble on the horizon in the shape of Steve's ex-girlfriend, Julie Taylor, who's a bit too interested in Steve...”

    And it all kicks off here in the autumn.

  • About the show

    About the show

    Steve (Russell Tovey) and Becky (Sarah Solemani) are Him & Her – a young couple deeply in love, often in bed and rarely in employment.

    Content to commit days on end to little more than eating, drinking and lazing around the pair are happy just to exist, doing their best to avoid the world beyond their flat and only occasionally letting life find them at home to visitors.

    Written by Stefan Golaszewski, Him & Her is an anti-romantic comedy. It lifts the lid on love as it really is - warts and all with farts, bickering and toast.

  • Introducing Him & Her

    Introducing Him & Her

    Steve (Russell Tovey) is 25, tries to be laddish and usually fails. He’s unemployed, living on benefits, with no desire to work, no dreams or goals – and he’s not bothered. He likes eating, sleeping, drinking and having sex. He’s witty but easily outfoxed by Becky. They’re a great couple, but Steve will never fathom the inner workings of the female mind …

    Becky (Sarah Solemani) is 24, pretty but definitely not a girly girl. She’s also living on benefits because work is too much hassle. Like Steve she likes eating, sleeping, drinking and having sex. She’s popular - her friends and family adore her but she can never be bothered with them. She’s no angel, and can be sarcastic sometimes to the point of meanness, seeing straight through Steve. But in Steve she knows, deep down, she's finally found her soulmate.

  • Meet Laura

    Meet Laura

    Laura (Kerry Howard) is Becky’s 21-year-old sister. She adores Becky. She’s more fragile and romantic than Becky, and more prone to tears. She’s unhappy with her fiancé Paul but enjoys the glamour she thinks he gives her (he can get her into clubs because he knows people, and she finds him funny). Their relationship lacks the honesty of Steve and Becky’s. Laura finds Steve odd and doesn’t know why Becky’s with him.

  • Meet Dan

    Meet Dan

    Dan (Joe Wilkinson) lives above Steve. He’s in his late 20s and going through a bit of a crisis. He’s unemployed, lonely and needy - he often knocks on Steve’s door just for a chat when all Steve wants is to be alone with Becky. But Steve can't be mean to him because he knows Dan's troubled.

    Throughout the series, Dan is looking for love, getting over his ex-girlfriend Anita and going through a series of self-improvements in the hope that one day a girl will fall for him.

  • And Paul...

    And Paul...

    Paul (Ricky Champ) is in his late 20s and is engaged to Laura. He’s a lads’ lad – nothing like Steve. He’s amoral and easily violent when the mood takes him. He’s happy to sleep around, too. He also works in Rymans.

  • Sarah and Russell on the BBC Three Blog

    Read BBC Three blog's interview with Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani, and find out who makes the best flatmate.

    BBC Three Blog

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