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1 hour, 55 minutes
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Wednesday 08 September 2010

It's the day after the Mercury Prize and Paul Weller joins Simon Mayo on Drivetime... could he be celebrating his first time win of the prestigious award? He'll be performing one of his own tracks, and a classic cover for the Great British Songbook Library.

Also, there's sports news from Paul Scott, money updates with Pauline McCole and the latest on the roads with Sally Boazman.

Music and featured items

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  • Paul Weller

    Paul joins Simon to discuss being nominated for the Mercury Prize and to perform for the Great British Songbook.

  • Image for Bruce Springsteen

    Bruce Springsteen Dancing In The Dark

    Bruce Springsteen - Greatest Hits, Columbia

  • Image for Maroon 5

    Maroon 5 Misery

    (CD Single), A&M, 1

  • Image for The Isley Brothers

    The Isley Brothers Harvest For The World

    The Greatest Hits Of 1976 (Various), Premier

  • Image for Detroit Emeralds

    Detroit Emeralds Feel The Need In Me

    Heart Full Of Soul (Various Artists), Global Television

  • Image for Blue Öyster Cult

    Blue Öyster Cult Don't Fear The Reaper

    Chart Show Ultimate Rock - Various, Hit

  • Image for Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow

    Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow Shame

    (CD Single), EMI, 1

  • Image for The Byrds

    The Byrds Turn! Turn! Turn!

    Turn! Turn! Turn!, Columbia

  • Image for The Doobie Brothers

    The Doobie Brothers Long Train Runnin'

    The Very Best Of The Doobie Brothers, Warner Bros

  • Live Track

  • Great British Songbook Library Track

  • Image for KT Tunstall

    KT Tunstall (Still A) Weirdo

    (CD Single), Relentless, 1

  • Image for XTC

    XTC Love On A Farmboy's Wages


  • Image for Sam Cooke

    Sam Cooke Chain Gang

    Sam Cooke - The Man & His Music, RCA

  • Folk Showstopper

    • Image for James Taylor

      James Taylor Sweet Baby James

      James Taylor - Classic Songs, CBS

  • Paul Weller at the Mercury Music Prize

    Paul Weller at the Mercury Music Prize

    Watch video of Paul performing at this year's Mercurys, including three collaborations with Corinne Bailey Rae and a solo performance of Wake Up The Nation.

    Watch video higlights
  • The Butterfly Effect

    The Butterfly Effect

    Having played a song about a butterfly, Simon got to musing about these spectacular creatures. Given that he doesn't know anything about them, we had to enlist an expert. That expert was Matthew Oates from the National Trust, who is one of Britain's premier authorities on the subject.

  • Paul and Simon (not Paul Simon that's a whole different kettle of fish)

    Paul and Simon (not Paul Simon that's a whole different kettle of fish)

  • Confession: The Great Molar Mix Up

    Father Simon and the gathered collective

    I seek forgiveness for a misdemeanour that happened many years ago when I had just left school.

    I was thrilled at getting my first job as a dental technician at a very upmarket dentist surgery in my local town. The people were all really friendly and I very much enjoyed working there.

    There was however one drawback… The Boss… He was a very uptight and rude man who frankly thought himself better than any of the other dentists in town and probably the County! All the dental nurses dreaded working with him and we would dread publication of the monthly rota as it may see us paired with him at some point in the next 4 weeks.

    My main job at this time was to take impressions of patient's mouths to fit them for false teeth, dental braces or mouth guards you know the sort of thing. This was a fairly long, extremely expensive and laborious process both for the patient and the technician as it meant weeks of fitting, refitting and adjusting to get the final product just right.

    The first stage of the process was the creation of a wax mould of the patients teeth which was then tested for fit at the next appointment, it was then re cast and tested again and again. The waxworks were all carefully labelled several times in different places so they would not get mixed up. After the mould was just right it was sent away to be turned into the final thing - a long process which could take up to 3 months.

    On this particular day I was summoned into the surgery for a 'chat' with the horrible dentist. Knees knocking I entered wondering why he wanted me. After a brief dressing down about my appearance and the clothes I wore (it was the 80's) I was given notice for not 'being right' for their image. I was gutted and shocked as I really enjoyed my job. He told me to leave on Friday so I only had 3 days left.

    This is when my plan for revenge developed, on the last day, I had several patients who were in for a final false teeth fitting. I fitted the waxworks and adjusted them making sure all the fittings were 'spot on'. I labelled them and sent them back to the lab so the false teeth were ready for the following week.

    As soon as I went back to the lab I set about swapping all the names of the teeth around so as to cause maximum chaos – The impression from an elderly 85 year old lady's new false teeth was swapped with the name of a teenage rugby players mouth guard, the elderly lady's name was swapped for that of an 8 year old child's new brace, the 8 year old child ended up with the cast of a middle aged solicitor's new dentures and so on… I think you get the idea! All in All I swapped 12 pairs of teeth so none of them would fit when they came back for fitting. I placed the wrongly marked teeth into the bags and sent them away for making.

    I did stay in touch with one or two friends from the clinic and so I was kept up to date on the outcome of my handy work, and I can tell you it caused uproar, not only damaging the reputation of the practice in the community (after all the 12 unlucky victims of my work had waited 3 months for the outcome and where not at all happy!) but also costing the practice a very large amount of money as they had to foot the bill for 12 useless moulding and casting processes a bill than would have run into the thousands even then.

    Father Simon I seek forgiveness - not from the horrible dentist who no doubt had many apologies to make to those unsuspecting patients or for the vast amount of money he lost in re-doing the teeth… but to the patients who were looking forward to having teeth again and had to start the long laborious process of fitting from scratch. I also seek forgiveness from the poor dental nurses who no doubt were on the sharp end of this horrible man's wrath.

    Please forgive me Simon I know it was wrong of me and I still think about the incident many years later.



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