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Duration: 29 minutes

Phil’s wired and elated in a crack and whisky induced haze, but turns nasty when Rainie reminds him he’s lost his kids. In an attempt to placate Phil, Rainie reveals she’s got another rock. Even when the crack starts to make Phil feel physically sick, he’s determined not to stop. Peggy asks Shirley to check on Phil. Heather receives a letter, the flat’s being repossessed at 5pm. Shirley can’t believe they weren’t given more notice, Heather admits there were other letters but she ignored them. Shirley decides they’re going to squat in the flat until they find somewhere else, she’ll sort it, she always does. Heather begs to differ, Shirley’s let her down in the past and is now letting Phil down. Shirley goes to No 27 and finds Phil and Ranine naked on the sofa.

Janine and Ryan arrive home on a moped. They dump it in the street and when Stacey challenges them, Janine kisses her – an extension of one of their many holiday dares. Janine and Ryan have been sacked from the bookies, they visit Pat at the Vic in search of food. Tiffany spots a ring on Janine’s finger and asks if they got married. They explain it was a just a honeymoon scam. Peggy taunts Janine about her previous husbands and fiancées. Janine dares Ryan to marry her.

Bianca’s going off to be pampered. Suspicious that Bianca’s making such an effort for Ricky, Carol follows Bianca to the salon; Kim’s auditioning for a beautician’s job and uses Carol as a guinea pig. Bianca arranges to meet someone called Bobby at the usual place.

Ronnie’s new wedding dress arrives. Jack asks Max to be his best man. Jack struggles during his physiotherapy session, frustrated by his lack of progress.


Ryan Malloy
Neil McDermott
Janine Butcher
Charlie Brooks
Pat Evans
Pam St Clement
Peggy Mitchell
Barbara Windsor
Phil Mitchell
Steve McFadden
Rainie Cross
Tanya Franks
Shirley Carter
Linda Henry
Heather Trott
Cheryl Fergison
Max Branning
Jake Wood
Jack Branning
Scott Maslen
Ronnie Mitchell
Samantha Womack
Roxy Mitchell
Rita Simons
Carol Jackson
Lindsey Coulson
Bianca Butcher
Patsy Palmer
Kim Fox
Tameka Empson
Whitney Dean
Shona McGarty
Stacey Branning
Lacey Turner
Glenda Mitchell
Glynis Barber
Liam Butcher
James Forde
Tiffany Butcher
Maisie Smith
Morgan Jackson-King
Devon Higgs
Colin Logan
Matthew Barker
CAB Advisor
Karen Davies
Ken Tate
Peter Blake
Clive Arnold
Executive Producer
Bryan Kirkwood
Richard Zajdlic


The plot thickens

Sharon and Phil

The complex games between Phil, Sharon and Shirley continue.

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