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Presented by Jenni Murray.

The marching season has arrived in Northern Ireland and a recent Orange Order parade through Ardoyne in north Belfast provoked three nights of rioting. The police came under attack from children as young as eight which prompted Father Gary Donegan, the local parish priest to describe the violence as "a Disney theme park for rioting children." Local politicians say that a new wave of republican terrorism is threatening Northern Ireland with dissident groups recruiting youths who have seen no benefit from the peace process. Father Gary Donegan and Baroness Nuala O'Loan, Northern Ireland's first Police Ombudsman, discuss why children in Belfast are engaging in violence.

Are we in danger of becoming a nation entirely without backbone? Deportment teacher Jo Kuszmar certainly believes so because she says she has witnessed far too much shambling and slouching on the British high street. She explains why good posture is important and claims that if we stood and moved properly, we'd be less tired, more popular and look slimmer.

As a parent, do you look forward to the return of those quiet holidays for two? A summer break that actually involves a 'break' from your grown-up offspring? Well, if you do, then you might have to put those plans on hold for a few years because, according to a recent survey, almost a quarter of all 16 to 25 year olds say that they are likely to go on holiday with their parents in the future. So, how do you plan - and survive - a family holiday with your adult children? How do you please everyone and who pays? Jenni is joined by Carmel Stewart [who believes that holidays are much more enjoyable without your offspring] and Sherry Ashworth [and her grown-up daughter Rachel] who love going on holiday together.

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