Brooke Shields

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Duration: 44 minutes

Celebrity genealogy series. Brooke Shields embarks on a journey to discover which side of her divided and very different family she identifies with. On the one hand there is her mother's thrifty 'coupon-clipping' New Jersey family, and on the other her father's more illustrious European aristocratic family with rumoured royal connections.

In Newark, New Jersey, Brooke sets out to find out more about maternal grandmother Teresa Dollinger. Exploring the immigrant neighbourhood of Ironbound Newark, where her grandmother grew up in the early 1900s, Brooke uncovers the truth about Teresa's formative years and the hardships she endured.

Back in New York, Brooke sets out on the trail of her very different paternal ancestry, the family of her paternal grandmother, the glamour heiress Marina Torlonia. Her journey takes her to Rome, where she discovers that as bankers to the Vatican, the Torlonia family became one of the wealthiest and most influential families in 19th-century Italy. But it doesn't end there - on the trail of yet another illustrious ancestor, the mysteriously titled 'Madame Royale', Brooke heads to Paris and the very heart of French nobility.


Harvey Lilley
Executive Producer
Lucy Carter


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