Give a Cat Two New Feet - Done!

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Duration: 30 minutes

Documentary series looking at the work of 'bionic vet' Noel Fitzpatrick. At his multimillion pound state of the art centre in Surrey, Noel is pioneering revolutionary new surgical techniques to save and improve the lives of thousands of pets from all over the country. He is a medical engineer, rebuilding animals using a whole range of metal structures, nuts, bolts, implants and groundbreaking procedures. For many of the animals referred to him, he's their last hope.

Oscar, a two-and-a-half-year-old cat, has had both his back feet chopped off by a combine harvester. His owner has flown in from Jersey, desperately hoping that Noel's trailblazing surgery can save his life. In this opening programme, Noel attempts a world first, to save Oscar's life by giving him two new feet and the chance to walk again.

And it's life or death for eight-year-old Labrador, Mayo, who has crippling arthritis. One of his front paws has collapsed, and he'll have to be put down unless the bones can be fused together, offering him new rigid support. Inspired by the X-Men movie, Noel comes up with an extraordinary surgical solution that he's dubbed his 'Wolverine Technique'.

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Noel Fitzpatrick
James Incledon
James Incledon
Executive Producer
Paddy Haycocks


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