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1 hour, 55 minutes
First broadcast:
Tuesday 29 June 2010

Quo front man, Francis Rossi gets Simon rockin' in the studio tonight after 6.

Matt Williams joins Simon with the sports news, Pauline McCole presents the Money feature while Sally Boazman is back from Glastonbury and has travel news.

Music Played

14 items
  • Image for Philip Bailey

    Philip Bailey and Phil Collins Easy Lover

    Phil Collins ...Hits, Virgin

  • Image for Paul Carrack

    Paul Carrack If I Didn't Love You

    (CD Single), Carrack UK, 1

  • Image for Carly Simon

    Carly Simon Nobody Does It Better

    The Very Best Of Carly Simon, Global Television

  • Image for Kings of Leon

    Kings of Leon Use Somebody

    (CD Single), RCA, 2

  • Image for The Police

    The Police Every Breath You Take

    The Ivor Novello Winners, EMI

  • Image for Katy Perry

    Katy Perry California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg)

    Featured Artist: Snoop Dogg.

    (CD Single), Virgin, 1

  • Image for Billy J. Kramer

    Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas Do You Want To Know A Secret

    Billy J.Kramer & The Dakotas - EP Col, See For Miles

  • Image for Status Quo

    Status Quo Paper Plane

    Whatever You Want - V.Best Of Status, Polygram Tv

  • Image for Francis Rossi

    Francis Rossi One Step At A Time

    (CD Single)

  • Image for Eliza Doolittle

    Eliza Doolittle Pack Up

    (CD Single), EMI, 1

  • Image for Was (Not Was)

    Was (Not Was) Spy In The House Of Love

    Was (Not Was)-Hello Dad...I'm In Jail, Fontana

  • Image for Lissie

    Lissie When I'm Alone

    (CD Single), Columbia, 1

  • Image for Eric Clapton

    Eric Clapton Behind The Mask

    The Cream Of Eric Clapton, Polydor

  • Jazz Showstopper

    • Image for Mel Torme

      Mel Torme Comin' Home Baby

      Rediscover The 60's - With A Little H, Old Gold

  • Drivetime World Cup Wallchart

    Drivetime World Cup Wallchart

    It's no longer about who gets to lift the World Cup - but who gets to lift the coveted Drivetime car sticker! As you can (almost) see, the battle lines have been drawn. 29 randomly selected listeners have been allocated a team taking part in the finals. They join Simon, Matt and Pauline in hoping that their adopted country triumphs in South Africa, so they can win the ultimate prize! We'll keep you posted on the progress of our contestants throughout the tournament.

    Official BBC World Cup Wallchart
  • Super Grouper

    Super Grouper

    Need therapy? Why not try a group encounter? Songstress Judy Collins alerted us to this 1960's phenomenon, which basically seems to involve a load of strangers having a go at each other's personal failings! Psychologist Cary Cooper joined Simon to explain all.

  • Status Symbol

    Status Symbol

    Status Quo legend Francis Rossi joined Simon to discuss his new solo album, 'One Step At A Time'. Among the subjects up for discussion were stereo speakers, father-son jealousy and Francis's famous (now-thinning) hair.

  • Confession: A Cow-ards Way Out

    Dear Father Simon and the forgiving assemblage,

    My confession takes us back about a decade, When I was, as I still am… working as a lorry driver.

    Late one evening whilst driving along a dark unlit rural road, I saw another vehicle with its hazard lights flashing in the distance. As I approached I saw a transit van at the side of the road and several large dark objects moving around in the road.

    I quickly stopped applied my own hazard lights and jumped out the cab to see if I could help.

    As I got closer I could see that the "objects" were in fact cows, about twelve or fifteen of them in fact, and they were spread liberally all over the unlit road.

    As I got closer the somewhat relived looking van driver approached me and explained that he had come across the cows wandering about 10 minutes before and was unsure what to do next, he was quite understandably concerned that they may cause an accident particularly as we were close to a sharp bend in the road.

    He said that he had already phoned for the police and they had said they would collect the owner of the cows and send someone to the scene as soon as they could. We both stood around for a few minutes until I suddenly had one of those great moments of inspiration!

    If I pulled my truck across the road I could block their escape, as my truck was an artic and so would completely block the road from one side to the other. The added bonus of which being that any traffic would also see the marker lights along the side of my trailer, and so slow down, before reaching the hazardous bovine obstruction. Once my truck was in place the van driver and I could then persuade the cows to go back into the field and all would be safe once more.

    The van driver readily agreed to my idea… so after carefully positioning my truck across from one verge to the other, all my lights turned on full beam, we both set about the task of returning the herd to its rightful place.

    We looked around for a few moments to try and work out were the cows had come from as we could see no obvious gate. Eventually the Van driver called me over to a point in the hedge where there was a small almost perfectly cow shaped gap, this must be it, we concluded and without further delay we started shouting and waving our arms about until one of the cows started to head for the hedge.

    Once one was through they all started to follow, mooing loudly, as they crashed through the hedge. This made the hole quite a bit bigger, well a great deal bigger really - but at least they were back where they belonged, despite the ecological damage to the hedge and its inhabitants.

    Minutes later, the blue flashing light of a police patrol car became visible down the lane and in a few short moments a police car pulled up and two boys in blue accompanied by another man who was introduced as the farmer, joined us.

    "It's alright", I told them (rather proud of myself). "We've managed to get them all safely back in the field, but I'm afraid the hedge has been er, a little bit damaged in the process". I pointed out the now gaping hole in the hedge immediately behind me to the newcomers. The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards could have walked through with their pipes and drums.

    There then followed a moment of ominous silence from the trio, and several panicked glances were exchanged between the farmer and the police officers, and a look of anxiety began to spread over all three men's faces.

    Confused, and frankly slightly annoyed, by the lack of praise and thanks that I had expected to be piled upon me and new friend the van driver, I quickly enquired "Is there a problem? Are there more cows that we've missed?"

    "Erm… NO," said the Farmer, looking once again at the 2 Policemen and then nervously back at what used to be the hedge.

    He then proceeded to explain to us that his field (from which the cows had escaped) was on the other side of the road. But worse still, the hedge through which we had ushered the cows belonged to a small holding owned by someone else from the village, who ran it as a valuable market garden business. Everyone looked at each other and another silence ensued.

    It was at this point I suggested that I should move my truck round the bend, as a number of vehicles had arrived while we had been talking and I was now causing an obstruction. The policeman readily agreed to my plan, agreeing that we should get the traffic moving again as quickly as possible while we tried to sort out this new problem.

    Father Simon, I did move my truck, but rather than just around the bend, I moved it at least 60 miles up the road at some considerable speed and then onto the nearest motorway for a very long distance before daring to stop! I never saw the policemen, the farmer or the poor van driver ever again!

    So then, I ask forgiveness firstly from the farmer who had to try and recover his cows, secondly from the owner of the smallholding whose crops were either trampled, eaten or more likely both. But mainly from the poor van driver who I left to face the music on his own.

    I place myself at your mercy.



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