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Duration: 1 hour

Question Time comes from Gravesend in Kent.

David Dimbleby will be joined by the Conservative MP and former Welsh Secretary John Redwood and the Liberal Democrat Susan Kramer, who lost her Richmond Park seat in the recent general election.

Tony Blair's former Director of Communications and Strategy Alastair Campbell and the former newspaper editor Piers Morgan will also be on the panel together with the journalist and historian Sir Max Hastings.


7 items
  • Introduction

    David Dimbleby introduces the panel in Gravesend in Kent.

  • Spending cuts

    How will the £6.2 billion in spending cuts announced this week affect jobs and the economy?

  • Schools reform

    Will the government's proposal to award outstanding schools academy status divide education to a two-tier system?

  • Iraq

    Why are Labour leadership candidates Ed Miliband and Ed Balls criticising the war in Iraq?

  • Rebellion and the coalition

    What steps can leaders of our new government take to stop some of their more inflexible and diehard backbenchers from derailing the coalition?

  • Fergie tabloid 'sting'

    Is entrapment journalism such as we have seen with Sarah Ferguson in the public interest?

  • End credits

    David Dimbleby looks ahead to future programmes.


David Dimbleby
Alastair Campbell
Piers Morgan


Question Time Extra Time

Question Time Extra Time

Stephen Nolan and John Pienaar continue the debate.

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