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Duration: 30 minutes

The kids panic when they realise they’ve hit something, but drive off when they’re aware they’re still being followed by the nutters from the party.

Back at the cottage they wonder where Leon is but Lucy tells them about the prank and they all see the funny side. When Zsa Zsa realises Leon’s left his jacket, she knows Lucy’s hiding something.

Lucy sticks to her story – Leon stormed off that morning. She leaves and Whitney goes after her, but overhears her in the woods leaving a message for Leon. When Whitney confronts her she lies, and tells her she feels awful about the miscarriage.

Whitney feels for Lucy and covers for her, but Zsa Zsa can tell Whitney’s lying and tells the truth about Lucy – she had an abortion. When Lucy returns Zsa Zsa’s furious, and Lucy leaves to go home. The kids go back to the woods to find Leon, but are horrified to discover Leon’s phone covered in blood

Pat and Peggy enjoy a day on the town and are flattered when they’re approached by 2 gentlemen. Without realising, they set each other up. But when they realise the predicament they’re in, they reveal that they’re both seeing someone already.

After heading their separate ways, they are astonished when they both end up at the theatre, and the penny drops – Harvey.

Carol admits to Ricky and Bianca that she called her friend for inside information, and Liam didn’t get into Walford high. When Bianca tells Carol she’ll home school Liam, Carol’s dubious but sets her a challenge – she’ll pull some basics off the internet, and if Bianca can teach him that, then fine. Bianca agrees.


Peter Beale
Thomas Law
Fat Boy
Ricky Norwood
Zsa Zsa Carter
Emer Kenny
Whitney Dean
Shona McGarty
Billie Jackson
Devon Anderson
Ben Mitchell
Charlie Jones
Mercy Olubunmi
Bunmi Mojekwu
Jordan Johnson
Michael-Joel David Stuart
Lucy Beale
Melissa Suffield
Pat Evans
Pam St Clement
Peggy Mitchell
Barbara Windsor
Ricky Butcher
Sid Owen
Bianca Butcher
Patsy Palmer
Carol Jackson
Lindsey Coulson
Liam Butcher
James Forde
Harvey Freeman
Martin Jarvis
Simon James
Peter Temple
Christopher Scoular
Jack McKenzie
Laurence Wilson
Executive Producer
Diederick Santer
Julia Honour


Silly Billy?

Billy Mitchell

Perry Fenwick on playing Billy's darker side again - and if he could have killed Lucy...

Lucy's Case File

Investigation Interest: Whitney Dean

Jake has been arrested in the Lucy Beale murder case. Have the detectives got their man?

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