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Diane Louise Jordan is in South Wales to discover what connects the start of Christianity two thousand years ago with the Welsh Revival a century ago and a ground-breaking church in Newport. Singer Mal Pope and X Factor finalist Beverley Trotman are special guests.

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    Robert Prizeman, Maurice Murphy, Steven Geraghty Songs of Praise Signature Tune

    Composer: Robert Prizeman Not commercially available

  • Image for King’s Church Praise Band/Worship Leaders/Congregation

    King’s Church Praise Band/Worship Leaders/Congregation Spirit of the Living God

    Words and Music: Daniel Iverson (1890-1972) Publ: EMI Christian Music Publishing © 1935 Birdwing Music/EMI CMP BV Holland/Small Stone Media/ Admin by Song Solutions Daybreak, 14 Horsted Square, Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 1QG (Songs of Praise Hymn book no. 166)

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    King’s Church Praise Band/Worship Leaders/Congregation Here is Love

    Music: Robert Lowry (1826-99) Words William Rees, 1802-83 (tr. By William Edwards 1848-1929) Tune: Dim Ond Iesu (from Caneuon Ffydd) From: SOP Hymnbook

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    Composed and performed by Mal Pope Let Your Spirit Come

  • Image for King’s Church Praise Band / Worship / Congregation and solo first verse sung by Ray Bevan

    King’s Church Praise Band / Worship / Congregation and solo first verse sung by Ray Bevan Amazing Grace

    Trad. Words John Newton (1725-1807)

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    King’s Church Praise Band / Worship / Congregation This is Our God

    Words and Music by Reuben Morgan © 2008 Reuben Morgan / Hillsong Publishing /

  • Image for Invision performers: Beverley Trotman (vocals) / Wesley Muoria-Chaves (Guitar) / Leon Carty (Bass guitar)/Marc Morrison (Keyboards) / Chris Morris (Drums)

    Invision performers: Beverley Trotman (vocals) / Wesley Muoria-Chaves (Guitar) / Leon Carty (Bass guitar)/Marc Morrison (Keyboards) / Chris Morris (Drums) The Voice of Hope

    Composer: Lara Martin © 2002 Thankyou Music admin by Backing vox: Beverley Trotman / Phebe Edwards Instruments: Wesley Chaves and Nathaniel Ledwidge Label: Integrity Music Publisher: Kingsway Music

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    King’s Church Praise Band/Worship Leaders/Congregation Happy Day

    Words & music: Tim Hughes & Ben Cantelon © 2006 Thankyou Music.

  • Factsheet for Sunday 23rd May

    Presented by Diane Louise Jordan from Newport

  • Interviews


    Kevin has researched the 1904 Revival and 20th Century evangelism in Wales. He is a popular preacher in churches and conferences both in Wales and other countries and he is now involved in the celebration of the 1904 revival. He tells us how Evan Roberts, an ex-miner, was successful at bringing in converts and how he rocked the conservative chapels of Wales to their foundations.
    For more information visit the websites below.

    He is also co-author of the following book:

    "A Pictorial History of Revival - The Outbreak of the 1904 Welsh Awakening by By Kevin Adams & Emyr Jones
    © 1904 Ltd
    Published by CWR, Waverley Abbey House, Waverley Lane, Farnham, Surrey GU9 8EP
    ISBN 1-85345-287-4

    The following B/W images were used by kind permission of 1904 Ltd and

    Evan Roberts at desk - page 81 from book
    Titled: "The Great Welsh Revival Mr Evan Roberts"
    Source: Postcard - Kevin Adams Personal Collection

    "The Religious Revival in Wales" 1904 Western Mail Cover
    Source: 1904 Ltd.

    Evan Roberts holding a book
    Source: 1904 Ltd

    The following images were taken from the above mentioned book:

    Group of 3 x lady singers from page 96 of book
    Title: Lady Singers
    Acknowledgement: National Library of Wales PZ6458/11
    Out of copyright

    Annie Davies from page 97 of book
    Title: Annie Davies
    Acknowledgement: National Library of Wales
    Out of copyright

    1904 Revival Website
  • Huw Priday Information

    Huw Priday Website
  • MAL POPE (see below under performers)

    Mal also tells the story of the Welsh Revival.


    Ray Bevan is someone who is following in the footsteps of Evan Roberts. He is the leader at King’s Church in the old docklands area of Newport. When he first arrived at King’s 20 years ago, there were around 30 members. The church is now thriving with over 700 regular worshippers.
    He tells his story of how he became to be a “popstar” in the 60s … and even had a record released by Decca in 1966 called “This Little Bird” – recorded with his brother Robbie. He almost went on to sign a contract with producer, Mickey Most .… but then began to ask questions about what he was doing and why am I here. He decided he didn’t want to carry on with his band and continued to search for answers to life's big questions. He went to see a film called “The Greatest Story Ever Told' and he was captivated. He believed that the Holy Spirit began to make Jesus very real to him. Profoundly affected by the message of the film he decided to visit a church .. and the rest is history.
    He is also successful recording artist - please visit the King’s Church website below for information of CDs.

    King's Church

    They say it was the Holy Spirit that inspired them to do something practical for others in the town of Newport. Their food parcel provision or “Jesus Cares” is a practical demonstration of God’s love in their community. In partnership with external organisations and with their amazing congregation at King’s Church, they want to show God’s love in practical ways and to the people who need it most.



    Elin Jeynes is an actor from the Lacey Theatre Company, which was founded in 2004 by Rob & Sandra Lacey. Their vision was to create original work that brings the Bible to life.
    Elin performs Acts Chapter 2, Verses 1-4 from: The Word on the Street, written by Rob Lacey and published by Zondervan Publishing. ISBN 031093225-4

    Lacey Theatre Company

    Mal performs his own composition, “Let Your Spirit Come”. Over the past few years Mal has continued to release albums on a regular basis. (Please see his website below for details).
    In 2003 he started to think about the centenary of the 1904 Welsh Revival and the more he read around the subject the more he became convinced that the story could be the basis of a concept album and also a piece of musical theatre for the stage. Mal went on to write Amazing Grace.
    The central character was Evan Roberts who claimed to have spoken face to face with God in his bedroom in Loughor, Swansea, and believed he had personally been commissioned by God to lead a worldwide revival. Over an 18 month period between 1904-05, Roberts turned Wales upside down, with the religious fervour he created.
    The story of the Revival is told through the eyes of journalist and peace campaigner W T Stead who visited Wales during the height of the Revival to interview Evan Roberts.

    Mal Pope Website

    Beverley Trotman came to the public’s attention in 2007 as the teacher who entered The X Factor to inspire her pupils. Since then, she has toured with a production of Fame and led worship at Spring Harvest. Beverley’s debut “Voice of Hope” is an album of gospel praise. The title track is written by Lara Martin and it came out of 9/11. There was so much panic going on and she said “You know, God is the only one who has a voice of hope”.

    Beverley Trotman Website
  • Locations

    Interview with Kevin Adams filmed at the 21st Century Church Conference which was held at the Selwyn Samuel Centre in Llanelli.

    Mal Pope performed “Let Your Spirit Come” at The Gate, Cardiff
    Keppoch Street, Roath, Cardiff CF24 3JW Tel: 029 2048 3344

    The congregational hymn-singing and Beverley Trotman’s “The Voice of Hope” was recorded at King’s Church, Newport

    69 Lower Dock Street
    NP20 1EH

    Contact: Hayley Corley (Worship Leader and PA to Pastor Ray Bevan)
    Tel: 01633 244453 (Church)

    The Gate


Diane-Louise Jordan
Mal Pope
Beverley Trotman
Andrew Fenner
Executive Producer
Tommy Nagra


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