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Set in a south London suburb, a sharply-observed character-based ensemble drama with comedic overtones about a group of young friends enduring the poignant and painful, hilarious and often confusing emotional upheavals during a life-changing period in their lives. Living on the same street it's hard to keep secrets, and it seems everyone has something they're hiding or hiding from.

In a time when the temptation to focus on the negatives of young people - knife crime, hoodie culture - has never been greater, the drama looks at the more sympathetic, complex and often comedic side of the suburban youth experience, exploring wide-ranging themes. Examining and probing the dreams, desires, fears, anxieties, hopes and wishes of these 21st century teens, it focuses on that critical time in life when important decisions are made or impacted by choices driven by the emotional complexities of youth evolving into adulthood.

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  • Character profile: Dirty Debbie

    Character profile: Dirty Debbie

    Promiscuous, soon-to-be, eighteen year old Dirty Debbie moved from Bolton, to south London three years earlier when her mum got hit by a truck outside a dry cleaners. Debbie’s busy! Not only is she at sixth form, but she’s an aspiring fashion designer, who makes her own dresses whilst romanticizing being ‘the Carrie Bradshaw of Croydon’. She also fancies herself as an erotic novelist. And reading one of her steamy tales is enough to draw in any lad she wants to snare. With the relationship guidance of her Auntie Pat, she’s bound to succeed. Isn't she...?



    The one thing auntie Pat loves more than Gin and Superkings, is sex. Debbie has busted her lately, she’s been meeting guys on the internet, but her pen romance with Albanian adonis ‘Ditmir’ is the perfect relationship; the idea of romance, but without the any of the actual hassle of a real boyfriend. She tells Debbie to have one night stands, but warns ‘any man that asks you to stay for breakfast is a creep’. Perhaps her years as a groupie to a Rolling Stones tribute band have caught up on her a little and made her a bit jaded? Debbie will get to the bottom of it...

  • Character profile: Bent Ben

    Character profile: Bent Ben

    Sixth former Ben inherited his nickname from his friends, in a loving manor. They’re all pretty convinced Ben has to be gay, and they’re totally fine with it. It’s probably because of his quick, sharp wit, or the time he got a boner watching High School Musical. However Ben isn’t okay with it. He furiously denies all allegations of gayness. But his best friend Raggedy Ann knows all of his secrets, like the Barbies he had under his bed and his one weakness; buff local scaffolder Harry ‘The Hottie’ Stevens. This guy could be Ben’s downfall...

  • Character Profile: Raggedy Ann

    Character Profile: Raggedy Ann

    She's the type of seventeen year old girl who, on a whim decides to become a vegetarian, just because she wants to be different. Highly emotionally strung, and sensitive, she spends a lot of time writing up poetry (she claims she was a bohemian Parisian poet in her past life). Her literary flare poses a massive threat to Debbie, in the ‘who really is the Carrie Bradshaw of Croydon’ stakes, especially with her ‘Ode to Lindsay Lohan’. She’s also desperately in love with Harry 'The Hottie’s' younger brother Lee, whom she lives opposite, but they’ve only ever pulled each other at parties when they were pissed. Can they finally get it together?

  • Character Profile: Lee Stevens

    Character Profile: Lee Stevens

    Lee’s basically not good at getting things right. His brain isn’t wired to his mouth, and he spends most of his time in the dog house with at least someone. He’s a typical seventeen year old boy. However, he has a weakness - virginity. He’s quite embarrassed about the fact he hasn’t popped his cherry, and though he desperately wants to get together with his childhood sweetheart Raggedy Ann, he’s worried he won’t be able to ‘perform’. Someone like Debbie could show him the ropes...

  • Character Profile: Harry ‘the hottie’ Stevens

    Character Profile: Harry ‘the hottie’ Stevens

    Lee’s older brother is everything Lee isn’t. Confident, cheeky, and he knows how to say the right things. He’s always been a bit of a ladies' man, and as the older brother, he helps run the family business with his dad. He’s with long term girlfriend Sadie, and they’ve just got engaged. However, something’s amiss. He’s been colder lately, and seems very discontent. Maybe he’s stuck in a rut, or maybe there’s something else going on...

  • Character Profile: Sadie

    Character Profile: Sadie

    Harry’s beautiful waggish girlfriend has it all; a nice job, a hot boyfriend, and a Gucci bag. But all she really wants is to start a family. Sadie believes her life will really take off since they got engaged in Pizza Express. Their future is secure and she’s living the fairy-tale. But there’s every chance Sadie’s pushing Harry a bit too much...

  • Character profile: Julie and Rob Stevens

    Character profile: Julie and Rob Stevens

    Julie and Rob are mother and father to Harry and Lee. A liberal, modern family with traditional values, Rob’s worked hard for Julie to decorate the lounge in Laura Ashley, and as long as he gets fed, he won’t complain. Julie’s a proud mum, and likes to think they’ve got the nicest house in the street, and desires for all her boys to have the finest things. However, the pride and veneer of the Stevens family is about to be devastated - and none of them have a clue it’s coming...

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Morwenna Banks
Nick Blood
Joe Cole
Dirty Debbie
Holliday Grainger
Auntie Pat
Sharon Horgan
Raggedy Ann
Jennie Jacques
David Kennedy
Bent Ben
Richard Southgate
Antonia Thomas
Misha Manson-Smith
Charlie Hanson
Executive Producer
Alan Greenspan
Executive Producer
David Kanter
Executive Producer
Jeff Okin
Leo Richardson


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