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A year after her mother's death, Hannah resumes her training at one of the country's top teaching hospitals. She is soon terrified by strange visions and the threatening behaviour of her ex-boyfriend and star surgeon Nick and wonders if she has come back too soon. But beneath the hospital's reputation of medical excellence she discovers a secret network of dangerous experiments pushing back the boundaries of science.

Pulse was written by Paul Cornell from a story by Ben Teasdale. The show was created by Paul Cornell, Ben Teasdale and Tom McRae.

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Wed 9 Jun 2010 04:05 BBC Three

  • character profile: Nick gates

    character profile: Nick gates

    Nick Gates is the enigma. Hannah’s ex from her undergraduate days, he’s now a highly promising surgeon at the hospital, driven by his work. He seems unnerved by Hannah’s return, caught between his old feelings for her and a real sense that he doesn’t want her around. Things are further complicated by his new relationship with junior doctor, Stella, which is becoming more serious than he intended.

  • character profile: hannah carter

    character profile: hannah carter

    Hannah Carter is the new girl with emotional baggage. The daughter of a former consultant at the hospital, she suffered a breakdown (in theatre) in the aftermath of her mother’s death. After a year away, she’s back to resume her medical training. But while she appears determined, Hannah remains fragile, and she’s prone to disturbing visions. To make matters worse, Hannah discovers her ex-boyfriend (and first love) Nick is now seeing one of her fellow junior doctors.

  • character profile: stella collins

    character profile: stella collins

    Stella Collins is the most ambitious and driven of the new medical intake, and doesn’t appear to have time for serious relationships. But her fling with Nick is developing into something more significant, and so she finds herself in conflict – both on a professional and personal level – with Nick’s ex Hannah.

  • Character Profile: Adam Hussein

    Character Profile: Adam Hussein

    Adam Hussein is Nick’s close friend. A solid, if apparently unremarkable doctor, with a strong sense of his own self-importance. He’s the eldest son of a successful middle-class Asian family. Adam appears concerned about Nick’s workload and worried about the complications Hannah’s return appears to have brought into his life.

  • Character Profile: Rafee Hussein

    Character Profile: Rafee Hussein

    Rafee Hussein is Adam’s roguish younger brother, with whom he’s in constant conflict. Rafee has always struggled with medicine, and had it not been for Adam’s support he might well have dropped out before now. But the brothers are now set on collision course, as Adam gets wind of Rafee’s new illegal activities within the hospital. Hannah too is unsure whether to trust Rafee and his conspiracy theories.

  • Character Profile: Jess Black

    Character Profile: Jess Black

    Jess Black is the baby of the new intake, and seemingly out of her depth at the hospital. But she’s well-liked and supported by the others who are keen for her to stick around. And she might just surprise them all.

  • Character Profile: Juliette Randall

    Character Profile: Juliette Randall

    Juliette Randall is a highly respected chief general surgeon in the hospital. A close friend and colleague of Hannah’s mother, she wants to play the role of mentor to her dead friend’s daughter. Whilst appreciating Randall’s maternal eye, Hannah’s keen not be given special treatment.

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Nick Gates
Stephen Campbell Moore
Hannah Carter
Claire Foy
Joe Sennet
Ben Miles
Juliette Randall
Caroline Goodall
Adam Hussein
Arsher Ali
Stella Hamilton-Collins
Emily Beecham
Charlie Maddox
Alan Williams
Rafee Hussein
Gregg Chillin
Jess Black
Matti Houghton
Mrs Maddox
Eileen Davies
Loz Westmoor
Jo Hartley
Emma Stansfield
James Hawes
Helen Gregory
Paul Cornell
Ben Teasdale


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