Persephone agus Sìol a' Gheamhraidh (Persephone and the Winter Seeds)

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Episode 8 of 13

Duration: 25 minutes

Sgìth le beatha àbhaisteach, tha Persephone a dol an aghaidh a màthair 's a teicheadh sìos dhan t-saoghal dhorcha ann an cuideachd Hades. Thig Persephone a mealladh san t-saoghal seo 's tha coltas ann nach fhaigh i tilleadh dhachaigh gu brath.

Tired of her day-to-day life, Persephone runs away and joins Hades in the underworld. She is tricked into eating three promegranate seeds, which traps her in his dark kingdom forever. Demeter must do whatever she can to find her daughter and convince Hades to let her go.


May Smart

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