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Pip's up early before her shift at Lower Loxley. She's evasive when David asks about her exams. She admits they didn't go well, but David says it can't be that bad. Just concentrate on the next one and forget the late nights with Jude.
Pip confides in Elizabeth that she nearly told David about yesterday. But then he started on about Jude again. He just doesn't listen.
Elizabeth calls David to say she's worried about Pip. David should talk to her about yesterday's exams, and hold back from mentioning Jude. David asks if Jude has put her up to this. They do seem awfully chummy. Elizabeth warns David he's alienating Pip, but he's having none of it, abruptly saying that everything's fine. Nigel suggests Pip might have better luck talking to Ruth. In the meantime, Elizabeth is going to stay out of it. But she'll still be there for Pip.
Helen's overjoyed to discover that she's pregnant, and wastes no time telling Pat and then Tony. Helen never thought she could be this lucky, and Tony is pleased to see her so happy. However, Tony later tells Pat this hasn't changed how he really feels. He'll be there for Helen, but don't expect him to be happy.

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Thu 27 May 2010 14:00

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