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1 hour, 55 minutes
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Thursday 06 May 2010

Driving you home tonight Simon Mayo is joined by resident gastronome Nigel Barden. He'll be dropping by in hour 2 with more delicious dishes for your delectation!

Plus Pauline McCole has the top money stories, Matt Williams rounds up the day's sports news and Sally Boazman joins us with those all important travel updates.

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    Adam and The Ants Stand & Deliver

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    Eli "Paperboy" Reed Come And Get It

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    Leapy Lee Little Arrows

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  • Country Showstopper

  • Election Fever

    Election Fever

    With the nation going to the polls, Simon spoke to David Cowling, the BBC's Editor of Political Research. He provided us with a bit of general (election) knowledge, such as why we vote on a Thursday.

  • A Trifling Affair

    A Trifling Affair

    Rhubarb & Elderflower Custard Trifle

    by Paul Heathcote from 'Home Grown Food Champions of England’s Northwest'

    Makes 8 individual portions in glasses or 1 large bowl


    For the base ...

    2 sticks of rhubarb, chopped into 3cm lengths
    1 packet of ladies finger trifle sponges (about 20)
    200ml sherry

    For the custard ...

    500ml double cream
    100ml milk
    1 vanilla pod, split & seeds scraped
    6 egg yolks
    30g caster sugar
    2 heaped dsp cornflour
    4 dsp elderflower cordial
    250ml double cream for topping the trifle

    Grated chocolate for decoration



    1. Place the chopped rhubarb into a large flat pan & just cover with water, bring to the boil. Allow to boil for 30 seconds & remove from heat.

    2. Leave until the fruit is soft but still firm enough to hold together.

    3. Put the sponges with the rhubarb & sherry, mash well together. Divide between the glasses & chill well.


    4. Place the cream, milk & vanilla in a pan & bring to the boil.

    5. Whisk the yolks & sugar together & dissolve the cornflour in the cordial before adding to the yolks.

    6. Pour a little of the hot cream onto the yolks & whisk well before returning everything to the pan & cooking until thick & creamy.

    7. Remove from the heat & allow to cool before dividing between dishes & chilling for a couple of hours.

    To Serve

    Whisk the double cream until it leaves a trail & top the trifles, decorate with chocolate.

  • Nige's Tip Of The Week

    It’s crucial that the trifle sponge base is kept moist, but don’t worry if you’re not a tippler, as fruit juices are very acceptable alcohol substitutes. Also ready made chilled custard (fresh not tinned) is a handy shortcut.

  • Confession: Electoral Re-Formation

    Dear Father Simon, Brother Matt, Sister Pauline and Mother Superior,

    This confession I'm about to make truly happened to me whilst I was placing my vote in one of the General Elections in the 1990s.
    The intense news coverage leading up to today's election, has meant that try as I might, I cannot stop the flow of unfortunate memories flooding back of that fateful evening… So I now find myself turning to you and your collective to try and find forgiveness.

    I turned up at my local polling station during a busy time (early evening after work). I had no choice due to childcare trouble, to take along my 10 year old daughter. So we lined up to register alongside the polling booths, all of which were full of voters busy marking crosses on their ballot papers. When it was our turn I colleted my papers and was directed to a booth. It was at this time I realised I had forgotten my reading glasses and after squinting at the papers for a number of minutes I found I simply couldn't read a thing. So in a bid of desperation I asked my daughter to read out the candidate names for me one by one.

    I'm sure I had never noticed this before, but each voting booth has a wooden shelf to rest your paper on while you make up your mind, it often has a pencil attached by a bit of string.

    Full of self-importance my daughter leaned forward to get a better look at my ballot paper, whilst at the same time leaning heavily on the wooden shelf which suddenly with a load cracking sound gave way and collapsed to the floor of the booth. The next few moments will stay with me, in cartoon like slow motion for the rest of my days.

    It turns out Simon that these wooden shelves are not just to write on, Oh no they also have a structural function, namely to keep the booths together… So as the crucial wooden panel fell to the floor we were hurled against the wooden side of our booth which not unsurprisingly resulted in a concertina effect along the entire row of booths, trapping not just my daughter and I but all the voters in their individual booths.

    Total and Utter chaos ensued, there was shouting, screaming and even some language unfit for my rather dazed 10 year old as the presiding station official rushed over to help prise open the booths and release the people trapped within the pile of broken booths, the waiting line of voters quickly moved out of the way as the whole structure was in fear of toppling over, due to some rope which held the next row in place with our now former structure. During this pandemonium, I believe no-one noticed that the chaos emanated from our booth. So I swiftly removed myself and my offending daughter, made a very quick trot to the exit, dropping my neatly folded, but blank, ballot paper into the box on the way.

    I want to apologise to the people of my local constituency if they were there that evening as well as for making voting such a potentially frightening experience for them and I hope they have continued to cast their votes in future elections, knowing it probably was a one-off experience.

    For my part I have always regretted not voting that evening as it was an extremely close vote in a key marginal seat.

    You have been warned, voting can be a dangerous, polling booths can be
    lethal and stepping out to vote today could damage your health! (I personally will be voting by post this year, just in case!)


    Flipflop Dancer


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