Diabetic Feet

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Diabetes is the cause of 100 amputations every week in the UK. One of the commonest consequences of diabetes is restriction of blood flow to different organs and parts of the body. With reduced blood flow in the feet, sufferers are at considerable risk of developing dangerously infected ulcers. If the ulcers are not caught in time, many patients have to lose their feet or legs in order to save their lives

In this edition of Case Notes, Dr Mark Porter visits the specialist diabetic foot clinic at King's College Hospital in London. There he talks to doctors, surgeons and foot specialists about the risks of life-threatening complications of diabetes in the feet, and hears about the various treatments and surgical operations which are helping to reduce the number of amputations for their patients. Mark also talks to patients about their experiences of the insidious threat from foot ulcers and how they've been treated.

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