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Vicky is full of optimism, as she has another couple of meetings with eateries in Borchester, trying to sell her veal. Ed feels vindicated when she returns having had no success. As another bull calf is born, he reminds her that the problem isn't going away. But Vicky refuses to be downhearted and vows to keep trying.

Tony goes to Borchester market to sell a couple of cull cows. Eddie is glad to break the monotony of the day by having a gossip, although he's quick to appear on his best behaviour when Jonathan Bailey, the auctioneer, comes into view. Tony asks Jonathan about rumours that the market may move, but Jonathan refuses to be drawn.

Later, Eddie is mortified when some bullocks get out into the car park, because he left a gate open. The bullocks are rounded up, but Eddie still assumes Jonathan will sack him. However, Jonathan simply gives him a severe talking-to.

Later, Eddie tries to keep the events of the day from Clarrie, but she angrily tells him that Tony has already told her. She reminds Eddie that they need him to keep his job. They need the money. Chagrined Eddie promises it won't happen again.

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Fri 16 Apr 2010 14:00

BBC Action Line - Noluthando's storyline

BBC Action Line - Noluthando's storyline

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